Daima Towers.

Kwa elders wenye watakam kutafuta SJ ya Eldoret, hapa ni free parking all day every day. The biggest building huku Ld is a ghost. Moi University inakula losses hapa noma sana. [ATTACH=full]488924[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]488925[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]488926[/ATTACH]

Africans are pathologically incapable of.managing institutions.

We can see you

Noma sana. Enyewe nimekubali bobobo is a bad manager either way you look at it.

The same nigga who had posted his ID hapa and we told him kuna software ya removing all applied filters.

Even the fbi cannot do anything with that silhouette. After all I am just a simple guy, simple life making an honest living. No one, least of all in this kijiji cares about my identity.

My condolences. I saw one of your guys took one for the team.

Lakini hii kijiji kuna watu wameiva IT hadi nugu inasoma hadi whatsapp status zako!

hehe. Where js the link?

wapi link