Daily Atheist Meme


You get cansa and you pray to god to heal you. Nigga, if he didn’t want you to have cansa he would not have given it to you in the first place…

I listened to this new song by Ruth wamuyu.
Hahahah…ati “god blesses who he wants” literally so god hates some people that’s why he doesn’t bless e’m…

Form za kansa zinajaziwa wapi, nikae mbali na hio offisi?

Curious here. How do we know what he wants?

Christ is the answer

By just having faith and believing in him. Praying is simply instructing a perfect god to fix his perfect plan.


Isn’t it very easy to misinterpret one’s thoughts as the real answer to their prayers, what’s there to govern this?

There is nothing to govern anything. Any god of your choice works in mysterious ways. Your misinterpretation of your thoughts may, or may not the real answer because superstition is bullshit.

Coz he is god,the know- it -all

What was the question in the first place? Coz im thinking of asking why there’s wars, diseases,dead innocent kids,wankers…

He does not like wicked men…remember when he wiped out all men from the face of the earth with a flood, and spared only a few righteous ones…

That drunk who went ahead to curse one of his sons and make him black and retarded? What a righteous father? Like God like follower.

he was not a drunk; he had gone to plant a vineyard, he drank some of its wine(ku taste venye iko), he got drunk and laid uncovered inside his tent. Ham nayeye na ujinga wake, saw his father naked and went and told his brothers outside; Shem and Japheth. But they,Shem and Japheth, took a garment(their face turned the other way, so as not to see their father naked) and covered him…

now think about that event like a man and quit playin’
ps:he did not make him black though

Its surprising how our colonial masters were able to force the whole of Africa to worship their Gods but couldnt do so in other countries…

what about the kids being mauled by a bear in one of the fables…what’s the deal with that son?

they mocked him(Elisha), calling him baldhead. Then he cursed them in the name of the LORD…

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRycFZArGVQrhWJKKUxtQsUX474Dne8mlgQEkzBaZTiG-cYstGaAAfor calling him kipara ngoto? Remind me nisitukane ile fundi yetu ya kififi kipara.Your god ain’t playin’ yo!