Dagoretti Shanties

@Motokubwa aka wakanyama.

Mbona mnajengaga manyumba na mabati ya drums zimekatwa.Are you all peasants.
Huko Dagoretti na the larger Kiambu area.

Meanwhile your galfriend @nefertities ni kama alienda polisi through back door.Haja train kuharden enough



Imagine mkienda operation na huyo askari - objective ni ku cross river ndio mka-ambush adui.

Anawapeana na hako ka voice kake shrill kama king’ora

Mungu nisaidieeeeeehehehhehe!!! woooooi mamamangu!!! Nitaangukaaaaaa!

Huyu hakuwenda trial za police. Huyu alituma picha ndio akakuwa admitted kiganjo.

If you can ask a cop about their time in Kiganjo as a ‘raia’, it’s an eye opener.


:D:D:Dthese the niggas who are supposed to fight hardened alshaboobs, foreign threats na hardened criminals? i mean, trained paramilitaries would wipe entire squads easy

There is an acute shortage of building materials in Kiambu county and the cost of building a decent cheap house is a bit high for the hoi polloi. In my home county, people build timber houses with a concrete base and the houses are quite durable. In places like Machakos or Kisii, people build brick houses because there is good soil for making the bricks.

They are not trained as before,sissies.in our sf training we used to cross 250mts deep gorges and valleys using ropes and spikes