dago woman kills children

Dagoretti woman strangles her two sons to death, reports murder case to police.

Nasimiyu went to Waithaka Police around 07:30 pm and reported that the remains of her children Sydney, 4 years, and Miracle, aged 2 years were lying on the sofa of her house.

Mental health is becoming a serious issue in this nation - how I wish I was still a graduate student. Lot’s of interesting material for theses especially hii time ya COVID.

So ushaamua hatafungwa on mental grounds. I say its malice,just because baba watoto ako mitini,doesn’t give her the opportunity to whack the kids . Watoto hawajakosea


Life is hard for single mothers

Buda - it’s such a shame how much people are growing through in recent years. All of us are wired differently and that further dictates how we deal with issues…and yes, our genetic material and environment have a huge role to play especially the latter. Is it a coincidence that lately there has been an increase in such issuesm gayness, single mothers, homicides etc.?- this has got nothing to do with social media playing a role in distributing these content–so don’t go there.

If any, where do the findings of those research study go? I am yet to hear of a mental health policy informed by a ’ recent study by so and so from a local university.
Or are theses just for exams sake?

RIP to the innocent children.

If a man had done this women would be up in arms

You want to implicate the Dago Kukuyus but the criminal name is too strong to be associated with Centralian

It is never too late

who said its a kyuk nasimiyu


kojoa ulale nimesema wapi

A good number of bonobos should be neutered at birth


Theses that gather dust on campus shelves. Utaandika solutions hapo that no one will ever read or implement.

This woman did this because she is disenfranchised. The state does not care for her type. She is a citizen by name only. During Covid mtu kama huyu angefaa apewe financial support because she is a single mother. Anarushiwa 4k na serikali on mpesa anunulie watoto chakula. To supplement whatever income she is earning. Or since the govt owns milling industries, give her unga rations, cooking fat, tinned veges… this is not impossible.

Times seem to be tough. Just walk around and see the number of vacant houses that all had tenants three years ago. I think it will only get worse as Konyagi continues to take loans and to overtax wananchi to oblivion. Financial stressors will keep increasing.

You are insecure. Why?

Meal ticket maneno. Times are hard, women as usual are the same lazy entitled humans and when they lose a man badala afikirie how to survive, anaamua achukue some drastic measures.

Am not saying this is the case here but last week kuna video ya dem alikataa kuachika mpaka akalala kwa hood ya ndae ya jamaa.

When you decide to dump a woman nowadays do it in steps. Sio kuachilia @MBOMB shell mara moja.

msapere anatumia jina NASIMIYU .

but ni postpartum depression atapewa 1 year rehabilitation.

ingekuwa baba yao tunampiga first degree murder na kumnyonga.