daft landlord and caretaker

A 31-year-old man has been charged with forging M-pesa messages to cheat his landlord that he has paid rent for 37 months.

Emanuel Ian Osome, who was arraigned at Milimani law courts, was charged with the intent to defraud his landlord with edited false Mpesa transactions on diverse dates between the month of November 1, 2018 and November 8, 2021 at Kristy Homes in Langata, Nairobi.

Emmanuel is facing a total of five counts of fraudulent misuse of electronic data contrary to the law and computer forgery.

According to a Police report seen by K24 Digital, the complainant wrote a letter to the DCIO Nairobi area requesting police investigations and action on the alleged fraud.

“In the letter, she complained of one Emanuel Ian Osome who has been her tenant at Kristy Homes in Langata and has been paying house rent for 37 months ” the report read in part.

She claimed that the accused had been sending false Mpesa transactions text messages to the caretaker who in turn issued him with rent payment receipts believing that the said Mpesa transactions were genuine.

The investigating officer began his investigations and established that there was no money paid to the said Absa Bank that corresponded to the said Mpesa transactions by the accused to the landlord account.

The officer also obtained a report from the Communication Authority of Kenya confirming that the accused had sent the said monthly false Mpesa texts to the caretaker.

Emanuel pleaded not guilty before Nairobi Senior principal magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

His lawyer pleaded for leniency saying they are negotiating with the landlord.

He was slapped with a cash bail of Ksh200,000.

The matter will be mentioned after 14 days for pre-trial.

Bonobos bonobon mind is full of meffi

Alikuwa anategea mwezi wa arobaini

Fraud za mpesa ni ngori coz of digital trail or lack of it.Kuna jamaa alipeana fake deposit slips za bank. Kumbe landlord was so rich that he never used to check his bank statements to confirm. They realized they had been scammed almost a year after the guy moved out.

Kwani landlord alikuwa hapati alerts ama statements? Shenji sana.

Most of them are old school folks whom assume the advice of their children as just an opinion.

It happens more often than you think.


Landlord ni birrionea. Too much money to even bother checking the balance.

How does one issue a receipt on unconfirmed/ reconciled slips? How now? Anyway…

Hawa masonko wenye ni one man show ku manage properties zao hawananga time ya ku confirm. That’s why most prefer wapelekewe cash against receipt

Not proud to say but in 2007, nilikua nimechapa sana, barely had money for food, lakini nilikua handy na my computer skills na i lived 3 months hivi. Fourth month nikaona im pushing my luck nikahama

Wale who get conned easily na fake bank/saf staff.