Daddy Owen

Uyu jamaa still looks depressed

With time atapona … let us learn from him…some tribes are a no go zone in matters marriage

Churchill turned into Oprah.

Difficult seasons come and go. I hope the ex-wife never regrets it…otherwise karma is a bitch

Mluhya mijinga, next time he will choose a marriage partner carefully

Waah, depression si hukondesha mtu. He is wiser now.

Thats mean bro. Unlike you, some of us arent perfect bana

Village simp :D:D?

strategic change. The guys still get paid by NTV and continues to earn from YouTube views and sponsors. Cost of production gone down since he does not have to pay artists, venue, transport, etc.
Very good adaptation tactic.

True. He might now be making more money than pre covid

It is also bold of him to come out and face the situation with a sober mind. Yeye tu asonge mbele na/kama injili, that divorce should not be the beginning of his downfall Vile @Hethi amesema, "Difficult seasons come and go"

Losing your beloved partner is the worst thing that can happen to you. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

I’m sure right now hana stress ya staff kuzusha oh hatulipwi bla bla bla. I’m sure the guy is contemplating sticking to this formula for the foreseeable future

Get married kwanza ujue …people change in marriages and you don’t know what someone will be until they do

:D:D madem wakikuyu tuachieni. Msijifanye wajuaji.

Leta hekaya…:D:D:D

So don’t marry someone with the hope of changing them

Lakini waluhya never learn…mwingine atarushwa kwa baridi ni mulamuwa.kijana mshenzi sana

Mteso you want to tell me he couldn’t spot a single red flag before he married her?!! am not married but there’s some behavior I spot on women, but I usually pretend until I get laid, most guys ignore and go on to make bad decisions

Am not making fun of him, but marriage is not something to joke with, look how depressed he’s become, kindly if its a must you marry then marry a woman who at least is not a kunguru