Daddy Owen ameibiwa bibi


Enyewe famous guys when the fame goes wanaona cha mtema kuni


Daddy Owen’s wife Farida Wambui is said to have stepped out of her marriage and gotten engaged to a tycoon while still married to the gospel singer.

According to our sources; Wambui got engaged to the tycoon called Njuguna at his exclusive lodge in Gilgil, after she dissappeared for the first two weeks of December only for the musician to be told his wife was engaged.

Our sources spotted the powerful tycoon and Farida having a good time behind Daddy Owen’s back at the Cliff Hotel where it is said some of the workers who were eye witnesses are relatives to the musician without Farida’s knowledge.

His wife has also been spotted in Gilgil town driving a silver/grey Range Rover owned by the tycoon.

According to another source who is a very close friend to Farida, the marriage has been on the rocks as Farida feels she has been the one coughing out a bigger share in providing for the family.

Earlier in the year Daddy Owen came out publicly and announced to his fans and friends that he had been battling depression.

The musician tied the knot in April 2, 2016 and on their fourth anniversary this year, he shared a lovely message to his wife, “First and foremost I want to thank God for the gift and favor in my life. The Bible says, he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord.

To my wife Farida I just say thank you for understanding me and being there for me even when am stubborn or when things don’t go our way, I love how we try the “let’s sit and talk” and make it work though sometimes is really hard but we all know the answer is within us.

I bless the lord for our sons and the beautiful family we have, all this is the lord’s doing! Happy 4th Anniversary, my dear wife, we have been through happy and tough times together, though many will never see or understand but is only the 2 of us who know the Truth but in all things we give thanks to God.

4 years of happiness together is not a joke! Is not like we don’t fight. But the most important thing is we know how to reconcile after such moments. I love you make this Luhya man so happy when I come home and I find amasebhebhe… lhisutsa… omurere… emiroo.”

The couple has two boys. Farida did not answer Buzz Central calls.

[SIZE=7]Kunguru hafugiki[/SIZE]

Marriage is a scam, filisika ujue mkeo


Luhya men are simps, si kwa ubaya… hapo unajiondoa Kama DNG… hakuna maneno ya we fight and talk things through… kunguru does not change spots on feather.

I keep saying this and people don’t get it…Never fall in love with a woman…

Ongeza volume…


I bet he’s banging her mercilessly as he shouts out aloud “who’s your daddy?”

He did not keep an eye on her…and she ran off.

Ata ufanye nini uwezi fuga kunguru whether she claims to be “born again” or not kunguru ni kunguru

Leta hekaya omwami…


Haha yangu iko papa hapa


Kwani alimbebea kuma?

She was never yours it was just your turn. No further comment from me, I wish them all the best that’s the most I can do.

Kenyan artists are a cursed lot…very few make any meaningful income after the limelight.
Hes a lucky dude though…one can only imagine the numerous " wewe sio mwanaume kama wanaume wenzako" after she realised his fortunes were dwindling…this is a good opportunity for him to start life afresh…i doubt hes even 40.

Hekaya mdau, tupatie link

Hakuna kitu kama hiyo. The birrionea was simply a much, much bigger fish. Daddy Owen is omena, Njuguna is a whale. The Cliff is a very swanky place and part of the Tribe brand so the man must be filthy rich. If a guy like that wants your girl there’s a 90% chance he’s going to get her and there’s nothing you can do about it.