D9 CLUB is more of a PONZI SCHEME , which is on our fraud radar . It’s a copy of GOOBETS and BEWISETRADER .It’s a coup dump that promises you will win between 200% and 321% … doing nothing … that’s right. Just you invest money and … see the virtual balance grow. If you recruit many SUCKERS you can earn even more and sell your virtual balance.

Virtual balance = monopoly money = $ 0.

In the D9 coup they are always talking about ” investments “, ” multilevel marketing “, ” trad
er “, ” sports trading ” or ” entrepreneurial club ” … so you believe and be blinded by lies. They will program your mind to think that it is a serious, safe and sustainable investment … and you are an entrepreneur … but it is not. So you will continue in denial … even when you break the PYRAMID. In fact, if they were good traders they did not have to sell this lie, they would use their money to make even more money.

Umepoteza ngapi?

wacha ningojee watu walie

kuna mtu alijaribu kutuuzia hii upuuzi kwa ile group ya 52 week savings plan tukamshow aende akikauka

Yep. This pyramid is almost reaching its maturity coz everyone is selling it now. Its collapse is imminent.
June-August kuna watu watalilia kwa choose.

But has anyone lost any money in it?

Not yet. Just like in all pyramids. Trouble starts when it becomes unsustainable.
Remember the quails?

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Pyramid schemes work.

Investor detected. Just pray that you recoup your cash.

Sijapoteza,but you sound like one who has invested some in this shit;):wink:

That’s a month ago. Still hasn’t collapsed. If you had 200k in it, you’d have made quite some money by now…

How about AIM global ya Philippines? it’s all over facebook

hii kitu hadi naona withdrawal ni kizungu mkuti…ati u withdraw into a bitcoin account yada yada.zeFuq. mtu alete a real screenshot ya earning na withdrwaals

How many have made you a billionaire?

Hey do you have solid info on this, on it being legit??.have a few pals interestd in this and would nt want them to loose money… a few others are making a bit of cash frm bitcoin trade

Brathe, Si uniintroduce huko

Made a few zeros. Not complaining. No Ponzi schemer has made billions, but you can mop up enough capital to get to somewhere.

Ponzi schemes have the same lifecycle. They start, sell to the public and once they hit saturation, they collapse. This is because it relies on a fallacy of new entrants paying off the first guys to buy into it. That’s similar to a stock market. The shares have to be traded for you to be paid out. Only difference is the stock market is somewhat protected by laws. Ponzi schemes aren’t. That’s why people equally lose as much as others make money on stocks.

D9 pays out. On that front, it is legit. Problem is, it isn’t supported by law. But the way the affiliate programme has been structured it won’t collapse until it hits saturation. Governments can’t come after it. The only losers will be the guys who get in at the tail end. So, if your friends are in it for lose money, by all means. I give this thing up to Sept.

Bitcoins/Crypto currency is a whole different ball game.