D- pale murica na nyongoroh


@patco nini inafanya hawa D- wajinyonge

Kwani hawa Americans wana roho ndogo aje? Sisi kenya we lived with ptsd everyday: Sio kcpe, vipoko vya walimu, kcse exams , cells za mapolisi, kupigwa rungu during students riots , looking for ID , kuwachwa na madem yet we didn’t commit suicide. Just riot kidogo inafanya unajuiua…makosa sana

hessy wa kayole ana miminia magazine mzima 5 yut men akisonga kwa kibandaski kukula ugali nyama na kuteremsha na konyagi ni kama ameUa mbwa koko bila feelings:D

Fuck em. Kama wanajiua ama wanauliwa na Obama na Hillary is none of our concern.

So Hapa unaweka kichwa deep kwa kinyambis unasema blue lives don’t matter…enyewe nyinyi ni wangonjwa!

Tuseme wewe ni njaruo. There are moments you stand with baba and say fcuk Tuju from Rarieda though he is also a Luo himself.

Context my dear Watson.

Or, if you were being robbed you would be pro blue lives. But if baba’s supporters are being clobbered by gsu and one of the gsu gets hit with a guton you realign and say, “Fcuk em!”

Sijui kama ume gitch?

American govt is killing them them to cover their asses. lol:D:D:D

Good try Sherlock.

So the context here is that they suffer because they wrongly attacked the mobsters ama? Is the the equivalency you’re drawing ama ni gani…Yet time ya BLM riots you were on Blues defense. Pick a side, otherwise its hypocrisy

Cops are humans, they have political sides, political favourites.

I don’t know what hole you have been living under but those capitol police are bought and paid for by Pelosi.

They were singing like birds recently about how their lives were almost snuffed out by “terrorists”. So again, fuck em. Wajinyonge waishe. Fuck em.

Na hata wewe kama uko na shida jinyonge pia uwafuate jehanam.

:D:D:D Kwani pili pili imekuwasha sana. I know you’re triggered and angry at the moment. Heal.