D minus hawatoboi Haiti

Those fuckers should stop this suicide mission now. Mboys in blue wanaenda kurambwa mbaya.

The D material who will shoot that motherfucker dead I will add a bonus of 50k ontop of homosexual dollars they will be paid

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Haiti overthrew their pm all airports are closed so what the hell are we going to do there???

I thought we all agreed a good D material is a dead D material?
During Corona time I was flogged 10 strokes na hizi mbwa , let’s embrace them waende haiti


Will he be in the streets fighting too ? respectable general don’t carry firearms around, most of them are composed ,tactical and under the ladar.
This one is talking everyday and posing with guns like a slay queen.

:joy::joy::joy: Leta hekaya mzima kasee

Ruto the mfcker already sent Kenyans to Gaza neighborhoods for cash.

Dude makes slave traders of yore jealous. He will sell anyone not his mother.