D- Materials Maintaining Law & Order In Kayole

Did I say maintaining law and order? I meant spreading a fuckton of chaos. On top of facilitating regular bribes to authorities, having to deal with gun totting youth and paying exorbitant licensing fees, bar owners are also required to fear the same people who’re supposed to provide them with security.


:D:D:D:D Hii inakaa sabotage… Lakini seriously speaking this country will pay a stiff price for not reforming the police properly when i visit my daughter i happen to stay among them and this guyz are broken as in completely broken as persons and individuals and what you see is just transfer of anger from personal to professional lifes am talking about battling alcoholism, Hiv and aids(remember unlike the military sidhani kama wako na some form of arv arrangements) over commited payslips etc kuna mwingine who beats the wife to a pulp! Na ni mkubwa! How will he inspire the juniors? The few good ones are overwhelmed and soon discover you cant change that that is rotten to the core!

Been trying to explain this to talkers here, we get what we pay for.

These men and ladies in blue pitia aloooot, alafu wewe na kiherehere yako ya I know my rights?

Think people, the bigger picture ought to always Trump the smaller one

I had also suspected some thugs masquerading as policemen until one bar owner said they were taken to Kasarani police station.

Everyone pitias alooooot, they’re not special. There’s no excuse for destroying other people’s property like they did. While the police force could be improved, this idea that the corruption and indiscipline will end once they start getting a “decent” salary, whatever that amounts to, is simplistic. A corrupt CEO who earns Shs10 million per month will not turn down a 50k bribe, because it’s 50,000 shillings more than what he has.

We need to get officers who are committed to do their jobs

It’s not about salaries

DCI under kinoti is far much better than it was under Ndegwa muhoro

Sijasikia eti DCI wameongezewa mshahara

Compared to disciplined services I highly doubt it, besides I never mentioned salary anywhere in my comment.

Dude please broaden your research horizon beyond newspaper headlines, there’s so much rot in the service. Also general duty officers are in a different job description from DCI.
I swear everytime someone jumps at my throat that money won’t make a difference in their performance it makes me think I’m addressing a lot that will not look past personal run ins with their officers and people who have never owned a business

Jamaa wa graphics wa citizen anafaa avutwe kazi, izo cartoon anaweka kwa screen ni utoto Sana why can’t they get original pictures of the news they’re about to present like everybody else

Must one live in that Kayole place? Aren’t there safer places on the same budget?

Kuna wale wamekwamilia na wanaishi kayole ni kama @uwesmake na yeye ni watchman wa mhindi. Budget haimu allow

The rot in the Police Force is a result of what in management is called organisation culture.

Everywhere you go in this country, traffic cops take bribes from motorists and motorcyclists, all roadblocks are cashcows.

In every corner of this nation, pubs, bars and night club owners lazima walipe za macho to operate uninterrupted.

All over this country there are people who reported cases that arent being investigated, including serious ones like rape, robbery and murder, unsolved cases far outweigh the ones solved conclusively.

In every part of this our land there are citizens that have been manhandled or assaulted by police officers or insulted.

Every criminal enterprise or illicit scheme thrives because the police-whether in Lamu, Kiambu or Siaya- have had their hands greased to not only turn a blind eye, sometimes they take partnership roles, i suspect the guns we are terrorised with get to our streets solely because of this arrangement.

The language cops use, their mannerisms, their attitude, their perspective, there is very little difference despite religion, age, tribe,exposure or rank, it is all eerily well aligned.

The head sets the tempo, the subordinates follow faithfully, the corporal pale mashinani is brute, callous and arrogant because he has the blessings of the IG, hii ndio modus operandi taught in Kiganjo and reinforced on deployment.

To fix this we must to start right at the top, from the Presidency to the CS Interior then the IG, massive culling of the top leadership in the Police would be necessary, placing men and women of integrity and incorruptible morals to ruthlessly whip their troops into shape