D-kupelekwa suicide mission pale haiti

ni kama kushikwa na plisi wasudi ukiwa kanairo… na haiti apes have military weapons, na unatuma nyangau imezoea g3

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Watajua Port au Prince sio Kondele


Haifikii Mogadishu.


Haifikii Mogadishu

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Zakayo anajuwa kuji pendekeza to the world, we already have a poor cop to citizen ratio , lakini wacha waende wata rudi na PTSD .


Naona majamaa twitter wanalia sana ju ya hii police intervention. Hawajui Zakayo hajaanza kucomply bado. By the time the West is done with him, Kenya will be the LGBTQ+ capital of Africa wacha vile anajifanya kuipinga.

Classic case of pump-and-dump:

There’s no way Zakayo’s presidency lasts beyond 2027 unless he somehow manages to have the presidential term limit removed akuwe kama M7. His legacy: High cost of living, affordable housing scam (we all know it’s going to be the scam of the century), restrictive University fees, pro-homosexuality laws (atapipinywa hadi zipitishwe).

By 2027, he’ll be very unpopular with most Kenyans and that will be the end of his presidency. The Western powers already know this and will have groomed another puppet to install by then. Si kwa ubaya lakini mjamaa forecasting kidogo ilimpiga chenga.


Lakini kuwa kibaraka wa US ni mbaya. Hata unaelekezwa uingie motoni, akili punguani inakupeleka tu! This time America has really found a puppet to play around with.


Tinubu the former Chicago bagman is the other Western puppet in Africa


america wants cheap, brainless cannon fodder… kukiharibika haitians hate kenya and america brings aid. biden ana loss na internal pressure over black on black violence


Another reminder that to a politician you are just an ID, a vote, and KRA Pin number.

A general sees manpower, a politician sees votes, a bureaucrat sees money.

That’s the only thing you are useful for to a politician or government bureaucrat. Pay your taxes religiously (so they can steal it), vote for them, and be identifiable in case they need you to go and die in a ditch.

You, a peasant, will get anything good last and everything bad first. Your children will be conscripted first, and you will get value for the taxes you pay last. You will steal the least money and do the most time for your crimes.

Being part of the bottom 99% in your country is an extreme sport because when shit hits the fan, you’re fucked.


UN made a call for help. Nabii jumped in knowing ma local need jobs. Wacha D- wakule chapa za UN


Did you know Haiti has massive quantities of iridium, gold and copper? And their iridium is alleged to be the best, better than the one found in South Africa. Iridium is used in manufacturing of spacecraft as it’s heat resistant. Now you know

D- haoni downsides. Pale Haiti ataenda kukula a wide variety of foods and cuisines, atapata allowance safi, hatakosa avenues for corruption, atajivinjari kwa picturesque locations and most important atasample exotic albeit familiar island punanny.

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Jeez man! This is graphic. I could never have put it any better.