D- kapigwa kama burukenge


That guy better move and change simu/number juu atakujiwa na ubaya sana

I think cops are very corrupt and incompetent. But clobbering them is taking it too far. If you do this in the USA they suffocate you like George Floyd


Tamu sana.

Amechoshwa na illegal tax collectors.
Imagine siku iko very dry for the tout, matatu haijafikisha daily target ya the owner but D- wa kitambi ana toothpick mdomoni, smelling freshly roasted goat meat hataki kutumia common sense.

Kanyaga kabisa.


Aende Kinshasa asap. Bail ni mita

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Kazi safi sana. Aweke till nitamrushia kakiru.


Amani haiwezi kuja ila kwa ncha ya upanga. Sometimes it reaches a point and declare “fuck it, damn the consequences” and cut some throats. After all, amepiga --insert name-- and not a police officer (is that his name?) nor a uniform (uniform imecomplain imepigwo?)

Huyo msee aondokee otherwise his goose is cooked.


Kweli, by now he had better be in another country. But thinking about it…mtu D- hawezi pigwa bure tu. There is a way they work which dries up any public sympathy for whatever might happen to them. The man being beaten must have pushed him too far; hard to feel sorry for him.

Walking dead fool
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