D- Junior Officers' Salaries Slashed, Now Net Pay Comes To Ksh 5,000

Hapa mta tii. Their already meager salaries have been slashed.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, November 23, the police constables revealed that close to Ksh 30,000 was deducted from their payslip. The constables also disclosed that they used to earn salaries of the rank of inspectors.

Following the directive by the Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, the constables stated that the affected cops were earning negative salaries.

Sasa watauza hizo bunduki instead of renting them out to criminals

Ndindu wewe si ni karao? Na vile unapenda polisi na mabunduki. @Ndindu haikosi wewe ni AP. Ndio maana hukuwagi busy

Kenya regular police should be disbanded …we just remain with specialized units. Who needs a D- policing them.

Wewe oil worker Wacha kunichezea

Mutakula risasi za turi raundi hii:D:D:D

Wacha ufala. Kama kuna makarao wapoa na semi-professional, ni regular (kiganjo) police. Sometimes they even inform you of your rights. AP ndio inafaa ikuwe disbanded, like yesterday.

Some of those buggers were earning over 100k total, na sisi ushinda tukiwacheka.

umbwaaa endelea kuibia wa turkana kuku

No way police earn 100,000 legally. Ata walimu sihadani earn that much

E+ retards and cynical fools can’t relate to.

Kuna walimu wanafikisha hata 150 k , it depends with the pay grade.