:-D Haha... Who else has seen this MJULUBENG APP ?

Just saw an ad on this app , Kenyan or sudanese creativity at it’s finest …
what do you guys think ---->

fyi , Niliskia mjulubeng is sudanese …

Mwanaume mzima unaweka link about dicks…GAYYYYYYYYY

unlike @Kimakia , I am as ‘straight’ as @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii , nimeona hio ad and commented here , shida iko wapi hapo …

Correction…am a pusseee man

So , in your numerous gay relationships … you are the pusseee ? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Umewai chapwa.ngumi…tadigithia

So what does it contain, pictures of dickson or what?


NOOOO si ya dicksons …just know that if you are not a hard a*s , you won’t enjoy it !


[SIZE=5]Mnanisumbua sana … [/SIZE][B][SIZE=5]Si mfuate hii link wakubwa[/SIZE][/B]