Cytonnaires, CEO amesema mtulize makendeste

Rusungu miiiiiiiiiingi, lakini hajasema mtarudishiwa pesa siku gani.

hussein hussein doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about this “explanation” :D:D:D

huyu conmondoz ata hajasema any

Asicheze na pesa za watu. Siku hizi ni kunoma. Hakuna story ati nakuachia Mungu.
Story ni Nakupeleka kwa Mungu.

Pesa itarudi. We are heading to an election year so may be 2025.

So what exactly is his point? Or is there is a part 2 loading?

How much did you invest?

The CEO has been quite combative on social media, expect more videos peppered with financial terms without any actual solution.

I have just watched this video and I can tell you for sure hii pesa imekunywa maji. There’s no way you can make a real estate investment have on-demand cash withdrawal feature. The private placement had 4000+ investors which is above the 100 limit. Stinks like a pyramid scheme vile @Azor Ahai alisema.

These guys had a bad product. Hii ni Gakuyo ya uptown.

Pole kwa walioadhiriwa.


scenario 1: Is it like they buy a building, rent it out, and then use the rent proceeds to pay back investors in one or two years?
buildings pay themselves back in 30 or 40 years. they are good store of value but they are not like a business designed to turn a profit.
scenario 2: they invest in the renowned business of “plot in kitengela” or “plot in kamulu” and then sell 7 years later to extract double the amount?
Scenario 3: its a long term ponzi scheme like Bernard maddoff’s securities where it runs for decades and across generations without raising sufficient suspicion or running into a case of severe financial crisis. people actually get returns and become rich but at the end of it more people lose than the number that benefitted. If this is the case, as a manager you can always talk people out of a panic mode whenever an occasional alarm is sounded. by the time it comes crashing down all the staff and leadership that started it are long retired and the current do not even know how the con game started except for a few ever-present grand architects of the scheme.

hatutishiki boss,

mumeru unaonekananga tu usiku , ni kuma huwa unauza ama mkundu?

hakuna biashara ingine unaweza fikiria wacha hiyo yako?

Gakuyo ya uptown sio…:D:D

Wewe unataka kununua Ipi?

These guys should be six feet under the soil by now. Kenyans are too docile

This communication fails in the objective of providing clarity or reassurance to investors about the “ noise” around the brand.