The CEO Edwin Dande is an [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]ex-Lehman Brothers employee who returned to Kenya in 2011, after the financial crisis. If you are from Main Street, you might want to google the story of Lehman Brothers and the 2007-08 financial crisis.

Alafu wakaingia Britam pia wakacheza karata.
He might argue that the “big boys” are out to finish him, but he’s not that clean himuselefu.
Heneway, sisi peasants wa 9k salo nikuangalia tu birrionaires wakivurugana.

Mnaona story kama hizi then you still wonder why foreign startup investors can only trust wazungu founders? Kenya has a thieving culture, both in public and private sector, kubali tu

How do you hand money to Company headed by a man with a such an attitude ?



Ati the hys wasnt advertised…LoL, yaani all those ads with 19% ir and he lies…hii ni jambazi kweli.

na kama alitumwa na lehman brothers?

He was a junior employee at Lehman Brothers. Lehman’s collapse was upper management stuff.

He learned from the “best”

The dude is a sweet talker sucking in greedy morons… :smiley:

I once raised an issued on their financials where land revaluations was used to pad the numbers in addition to their negative operating cash flows being helped by some voodoo mazematics but was laughed out of town by @Randy and company. Ona sasa.

Heri ni nunue zile Bima za kukufa za Akina wale majamaa baadala ya kupea watu kama Hawa kuchezea pesa zangu.