Its wrong for people who gave Cytonn their hard earned money against sound advice from elders to call themselves Investors.

They should accept that greed for high returns made them blind, and be ready to learn from their mistakes.

There is no single law which can protect them.

middu class ya Nairobi ni shida tupu. They usually think they are the smartest chaps in the streets

They have started posting complaint videos online…it’s about to go down (again)

Wa gated community. 2BR unalipa 40k

Walikuwa wanajiita cytonnaires :D:D:D:D

mutupee updates
the chickens zimeroost na pande gani?

Investors wanalilia kwa choo

They’re not being allowed to withdraw from the money market funds. Meanwhile, Cytonn is still marketing these financial products and lying to potential investors that they can withdraw their money anytime. The comment section on their social media page is turned off, which screams scammy behaviour.

Cytonn = Saitan :D:D:D

What i don’t under is why such fraud can’t be addressed through legal channels.

I remember when they were the ‘talk of the town’ and I almost swallowed their bait but decided to stick with good ol stima sacco. A financial advisor once told us that any hedge fund or investment company charging more than 0.5-1% management fee is a scam. When I last checked, cytonn was charging folks 5% of their investment portfolio.

The Kenyans who were conned via Deci Pyramid sceme in the mid 2000s are still waiting for the “legal channels” to deliver justice, 15 years after the fact.

Story ya Gakuyo pia wanangoja “legal channels” 5 years later.

The only conclusion to be drawn from these and many similar Kenyan scams is that the Kenyan judiciary colludes with the thugs.

wameosha majamaa saf sana:D:D:D:D

Incoming MCA @Okiya the floor is yours mheshimiwa.

rentech charges more than 1%. are they a scam company?

One word. " Ponzi Scheme". Cytonn no longer has more money coming in to pay older investors. Hiyo pesa imenyuria

:D:D @Okiya ako na shares huko???

Na vile juzi alikuwa anaringa na zingine za sanlam ile siku alikuwa amepelekwa birthday bash pale bamboo cask restaurant.

Kuna jamaa fulani alikuwa anaimba story za cytonn bane. That was 2 yrs ago tukiwa karumaindo tukikunywa beer. Hadi ananitumia link nione vile hiyo deal ni kali. Personally i dont rush to do stuff coz if the hype. Wacha tu niseme i dodged the bullet

Hapa huwezi pata @Randy hata na dawa.

i told some relatives not to invest in this shit… lemme call them niskie if they got their money back



[SIZE=1]hii miaka yote i thought ni sawa na centum[/SIZE]