Cytonn Imekunywa Maji u



We said the same in 2018 on this very platform

I saw bloggers huko social media spinning this. Haki propagandists hazinanga shame.

Nilikuwa naona bonobos as recently as two weeks ago still listing the Cytonn Money Market Fund as among the best in the country. It might be regulated, and might be a “separate product,” but you’d think the fact that the company has been tainted would make people seriously apprehensive about investing in any of its other products.

@Randy sijui atambia watu nini leo.

The moron can’t comment on such posts. Huwezi muona hapa.

Foreman @Randy is happy to keep the scam going since it ensures haezi kosa kibarua ya mjei as people build worthless cap into oblivion

What they usually do is that the legal and regulated ones are hollow entities while the fraudulent sector is the bulk. Of course people can never tell the difference. lakini zote ni vyombo za mwizi.


He will utter these words …“the real estate bubble is still intact”

And some really suggested otherwise

Edwin Dande needs security

With this, I won’t need to go to court. Naweza nukisha kitunguu nayo sana

No law will protect a fool who thinks he can make easy money by giving out his money to strangers and signing some documents.
Foolish Kenyans, wrongly calling themselves investors, throw away their monies against sound advice by elders, then start bothering our courts to help them when they realise their mistakes later. I thank God they are learning the hard way