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I have always doubted how Cytonn can manage to pay 18% interest in the name of real estate projects. Fortunately now everything will be blamed on COVID19

"Consequently, investors of the fund through their Board of Investors, in consultation with the Principal Partner, passed a resolution extending all maturities by 90-days; 90 days is a period within which we expect the sites to reopen,

· A resolution by investors is binding to all investors. This Extension of Maturities resolution is in line with Clause 21 of the investment agreement, which exists precisely for these kinds of scenarios and times; and the resolution was communicated to all investors through the weekly client update sent to all clients on 31st March" Cytonn

(Mwalimu Ephraim Njega, Senior Bachelor)

This is what I decided about investing- IF someone tells you (In kenyan economy) of a return above 9.99% and below 5% they are basically conning you and you will cry alone. A few months ago kijana wa UAP insurance alikuja kunielezea kuhusu some investment plan that will pay me 15 to 18% anually I sat and asked about the management fees etc fees that he was telling me he didint know but I did my digging and Cummilatively the net% is around 4% after all deductions, which basically is a loss due to 5% inflation.

what guides me is the central bank percentage which is never above 10% and never below 5% the inflation rate

Hii mambo ya Cytonn tulitusiwa mpaka nikaanza kuwa doubtful of what i learnt in business school. In my years in the financial sector, never have i been challenged as i was on ktalk regarding the promised returns za Cytonn. The lessons i learnt in forensic accounting as regards red flags in financial statements are as follows:-
[li]Revenue from operations rising at a slower pace than profits for long,[/li][li]Capitalization of R&D and Interest Expenses,[/li][li]Frequent large extraordinary charges,[/li][li]Net profits lower than cash from operations,[/li][li]Overstatement of revenue using one-off Income,[/li][li]Rising days of receivables,[/li][li]Inventory rising faster that profits,[/li][li]Reduced disclosures,[/li][/ol]
A combination of the above is a sure sign of looming doom.

So munasema cytonn is the next Deci? Na hawa wataenda na Trillions

Notice that all customer complaints on the slow payments by Cytonn on twitter have been deleted?

Awsome analysis there, But they never learn

There’s a jurassic elder from Murang’a who was all over the Daily Nation late Feb/early Mar Standard Inv. Bank or something…a Wangunyu - he appears to be staying to go big or bust, perhaps a public offering for some dumb money to take to town before going under…but what do I know, his sons are all over it.

It will end in premium tears. Those investors an pool resources and invest privately like a chamaa but they chose the easiest way, trusting a stranger with their cash.

Wangunyu ni musito ,with the over borrowing nature of gathecha na slowing economy ,an IPO is certain, privately or public.

Post-covid (if there will be such a thing) will be a very interesting time. As of now, cash is king.

This is definitely a healthy engagement, and Cytonn seems to be an exciting topic all the time. One thing I am not sure is if most people engaging in the Cytonn topic are actually investors with Cytonn. This says a thing about the moral authority to caution people not to invest in a company they haven’t invested themselves. While it’s good to be cautious, these are my observations:

  1. 18% is achievable. If one is us here is to go ask for a loan in the bank, at say 14%, plus add ons it comes to something around 17%. Before capping of interest rates, we borrowed at 18%, plus add ons it cane to around 21%. Businesses borrowed, traded and paid back the loan after making profits. The Cytonn idea of borrowing this money from an investor who’d otherwise deposit the same money in a bank, is simply giving you the high returns that end in the bank. If you, therefore, you are shocked by 18%, you don’t know how these markets operate.

  2. On extension of maturities by 3 months, it should not be a problem if it is within the law. If there is such a clause in the agreement and was executed with the boards consent, why is it still an issue?

  3. Cytonn has offers both regulated and regulated investment vehicles. And all these is in the know of authorities. Investors are well informed before choosing what to invest in.

I am a money market investor with Cytonn. I’ll tell you for a fact, I am yet to meet investment advisors in the league of those at Cytonn. Product knowledge and professionalism is what one will look for in an advisor, and in them you find these.

Conlusion: Cytonn is a good company. It’s the reason it always has a bulls eye in the back. You don’t throw stones at a tree that doesn’t make fruits. Personal due diligence beats the bar talk on many platforms where even the least knowledgeable have a say.

My 2 cents…

@Silakwa do you know how cytonn was started? do you know what they did to their employer? are you sure they cant do the same to their clients, who are weaker than the employer?

Same case as wale Lecturers wa KCA walienda wakaanza Visions Institute.

Cytonn is actually a good and strong brand,and

To be honest ,cytonn is a really good and strong brand,most people who tends to talk about how cytonn is a scam are not actually Cytonn clients so they might not really know what’s going on in the company,i have invested in cytonn since 2018,I have never seen or experienced any issues with payments ,the company has always delivered the agreed return ,I can always access my money market account and access my money anytime,I have visited the sites and the houses are there and works are ongoing In the site,I have visited there offices and its not like they are just an online company doing some hide and seek games and also the money market fund is regulated by the capital markets authority,cytonn is a great company .

Baba wacha kutubebea akili. 18% is unachievable in our economy. What I know from experience is that hakuna portfolio Kenya itakupea returns of more than 10% consistently.
Then there is that small matter of you joining ktalk today at 6:38pm and offering your expertise on Cytonn at 6:54pm. Care to explain why of all the threads hii ndio uliona uanze nayo?

:D:D ktalk sihami. It is worse than we expected, they have paid bloggers to lie to the public

We had conversation about cytann on July 5th 2018 alas here we are now.

Is that an insurance policy? I have one l took ten years ago paying 5k per month. How much do I expect to get upon maturity? Will it be more or less than the total amount of premiums that I have paid?

It will be the total sum you’ve given them+ something small to cover inflation, no gain, just your money

Sawa tnks