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Meet Galileo Club Owner Richard Ngatia Who was linked to the Selling of Jack Ma’s Equipment Donations With Government Officials. Thread!
Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Chairman Richard Ngatia is a short, diminutive guy whose personal presence (or lack thereof) usually doesn’t allow him to dominate any room that he walks into.
However, he did manage to take over from Kiprono Kittony as Chairman of this “membership-based trade support institution (TSI) working to protect commercial and industrial interests of the Kenyan business community”.

Ngatia is best known for his ownership of the Galileo Lounge in Nairobi, a premier entertainment joint on Waiyaki Way, which has, uncharacteristically, maintained consistently high standards for years.
On most Wednesday evenings, Ngatia blocks off the VIP section and proceeds to host high-level dignitaries and close friends, while being entertained by top one-man-guitar cum country music artiste, Sir Elvis.
Those often seen in Ngatia’s company include abrasive Jubilee boss David Murathe, long-time Uhuru Kenyatta aide Njee Muturi, Jeff Koinange, the depressing Eugene Wamalwa, and Uhuru Kenyatta private secretary Jomo Gecaga.
Gallileo Lounge in Westlands, Nairobi
Ngatia is a member of Uhuru’s close circle of friends, those known to have unfettered access to the head-of-state and who use this proximity to pummel through their business interests & very likely, influence short & medium-term Gvt policy and expenditure in their own favour.
One of the most treasonable deals executed by the Uhuru Kenyatta Government must be the Ksh. 38 billion medical equipment lease deal, whose full impact is currently being felt by Kenyans as they wrestle with the COVD-19 coronavirus which has since reached pandemic levels globally
The so-called “Managed Equipment Services deal” with international companies sought to supply, install, maintain, replace, and dispose of various equipment in at least two hospitals in every county at Ksh. 38 billion.
Gallileo quartet: David Murathe, Jomo Gecaga, Eugene Wamalwa, and Njee Muturi
Five international companies that won the MES tender include General Electric, Philips, Bellco SRL, Esteem, and Mindray Biomedical Company. They were to supply and equip hospitals countrywide with more than 95 high-tech machines to help manage diseases such as cancer and diabetes

For some reason, the cost of the equipment cost counties Ksh. 200 million annually which has been deducted from their annual expected remittances by Central Government, which totals Ksh. 9.4 Billion annually.
This was a 100%+ bump-up from the initial Ksh. 4.5 Billion Contracted annually.
Governors were either too busy stealing county funds, shagging anything in a skirt or committing murder to pay any attention to central Governments taking away their county funds through the Ministry of Health, and then transferring these funds to pockets of individuals.
Anecdotally, in the run-up to the 2013 General election, the Kenyatta family had reached out to the Ndegwa family for financial assistance, which they actually received, with the quid pro quo that Uhuru Kenyatta (once elected) would automatically hire James Macharia to be the MOH
Top shareholders in the NIC-CBA merger
Macharia was by then a long-time CEO for NIC Bank and a close confidante of the Ndegwa family. His insinuation into the Health Ministry was ostensibly to channel as many of these deals to the family.
For those not in the know, this relationship was formally consummated in the recent buyout of NIC Bank by the Kenyatta’s Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) to become the behemoth, NCBA, whose assets now make it the 3rd largest bank in Kenya.
To illustrate just how convoluted the minds of the Kenyatta’s and their allies really are, in one of his last acts as Finance Minister, the disgraced Henry Rotich gazetted a waiver of more than Ksh. 350 million in share transfer taxes on the merger deal.
What makes this decision a concoction of the most depraved mind is the fact that there was no public interest to be served by exempting the merged NIC Group PLC (NIC) and CBA, which are private profit-making entities, from paying the share transfer tax dues.
The Kenyatta inner circle of hoodlums, most of whom preen with pride at being called corrupt and ruthless, meet regularly at Galileo Lounge, from whence they show the rest of Kenya the proverbial middle finger while sipping their expensive whiskeys.
But, it is at the Health Ministry where the Kenyatta’s and their cronies have found a safe haven, to execute the most elaborate finance heists and scams, while inadvertently placing the very lives of the millions of Kenyans in mortal danger.
Mobile clinics dumped at the NYS yard in Mombasa
We all remember the use of the so-called mobile containers importation scam by Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister, to bring in fully kitted, ready-to-go medical containers to serve as hospitals in some of the most remote areas of the country.
Not only were the container prices grossly over-inflated, but they had also been paid for in advance and on a cash basis to the tune of Billions of shillings in what later came to be known as the Mafya House scandal.
Without shame, the Kenyatta’s dumped the containers somewhere in Mombasa where they have rotted away unutilized for more than 5 years.
The trigger man at the Health Ministry at the time was PS Nicholas Muraguri who facilitated this deal, and who, when the scrutiny intensified was quickly spirited off to the Lands Ministry, where he continues to personally serve the Kenyatta kakistocracy
But that is not where this mad caper ends, at the Galileo Lounge, a plan was concocted to have one more large bite of the medical containers cherry.
Kenyatta loyalists had been eyeing the Sports Fund for a while, incapable of ignoring the mounting contributions to its kitty from the top betting companies Sportpesa and Betin.
Why won’t God rid us of these tired old geezers?

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