Makena once said on here that a wallet maketh a man more handsome. Based on that basis, I’m not going to pre-empt and make any further conclusions on the definitions of nyakundi’s ugliness, I’ll leave that to the pinkies in the thread to fafanua it for us. Meanwhile would it be wrong for the men to find Adelle as ugly as she can be? :D:D:D

Nyakundi anatupigania, feminazi wametuzoea sana. CN, endelea.

Adele isn’t beautiful either

hail our hero Cyprian Nyakundi . mulika feminazi wote mpaka slay chieth @MaryJane

Oh boy… You don’t get it do you. A man does not need to be beautiful/handsome etc… Because no one expects us to be. all we need is resources. Look around slay Queens below 25 yrs being chippoed by by Akina @FieldMarshal CouchP. As long as nyakundi has some pocket change he will date models if he wanted to . The chic in question on the other hand(neffa heard her) but if she is anything below average and she is working a relatively high paying job that is compared to the majority of her prospective mates… This takes her odds waaaaay down… That’s the reality no amount of emotional ranting can change that… #logic

She prolly compensates for it in other ways. Women are always aware of their shortcomings more than men. Hehe

If all that matters to you is how a guy looks…then you must be a very shallow minded woman.
That explains why you spend your lonely days in this den of perverts.

They are both blind.

She recently got married; Nyakundi’s opinion doesn’t matter.

thank you for clarifying that this is a perverts den… I now know am in the right place

As if Nyakundi can never marry if he wanted to!

It’s just that most people here thinks she is too ugly to be noticed. It turns out that someone didn’t just notice her but married her too. Yes, he is free to marry if he wants to or finds someone, as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Beauty is un the eyes of the holder

hi,my princess

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hi,my princess
I am fine, my prince.;)[/QUOTE]