Cyclone Kenneth With 200KPH Winds Expected in TZ

The Tanzanian Meteorological Agency (TMA) said that Cyclone Kenneth would make landfall overnight packing winds of about 180 kilometers per hour, which were “capable of causing extensive damage.”


They could not find an African name…

Let’s call it Cyclone Pombe Makufuli

Its not them who name them, they are named at the regional specialised meteorological centre based at Reunion, a french island

Who and why was it given that name.
Altogether inafaa i hit hao wasee wasikatalie mvua yetu tena

TANZANIA ORDERS schools, businesses closed in Mtwara region with Cyclone Kenneth set to make landfall tonight; locals leaving for safer ground.

niaje musub county?ukiona mutheu salimia yeye sana

@mgosi na @T255 leteni updates banaaa!!!

A good move. They should bus-in the people to an inland area.

Yani whats happening to the worlds weather?? Hizi mambo ya cyclone so and so tulikua tunasikianga Pacific ocean region na kwa the US/carribean areas. Tanzania, zim, mozambique the only cyclones there (especially zimbabwe and mozambique) were political/military ones. Whats going on here…

Just Mother Nature reminding us who is boss. Hata technology ifike wapi there are things humans cannot control. If it makes you feel better, remember the world is not out home, we are just passing by…

Saikuloni kenethi


hizi shida za South Carolina zimetufikia Africa kwani

Vienyeji za TZ can seek refuge hapa nasikia wanapenda plucking of kales.

Something like Magufuli … you know cyclone bulldozes its way na haitaki kujua!

blame it on Trump kama kawaida

If it were left to Africans, the cyclone would come as a surprise. Do we even own satellites up there?

Anyway, for this region, Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar met departments are responsible for the naming. And they are named many years in advance.
The next one will be called Cyclone Lorna.


Someone tag me when Cyclone Jennifer is felt…

We will need to be in the same room for that…