Cycling at 130km/hr

130km/hr is a significant speed even for vehicles. Matatu ikienda 130 km/hr watu watashuka wote the next stage. Cyclists at this year’s Tour de France have hit 130 km/hr

Leigh Howard hit [SIZE=6]122 km/hr[/SIZE]

Jeremy Roy hit [SIZE=6]127 km/hr[/SIZE]

Marcus Burghardt hit [SIZE=6]130.7 km/hr[/SIZE]

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Watch chris froome attack on stage 8 descent at TDF



That’s impressive, the country side is breath taking. It must be a wonderful to experience the event.

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130???:eek::eek::eek: io ni zaidi ya izi nduthi za boda

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Maafakas are on steroids, kwani ni siri?

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bae @aviator kuja ona hii

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Siamini. Ferking impossible. I guess the meters have been tampered.

@aviator bae wa @Gio I guess its possible going downhill. Halafu remember some speeds are as recorded by others. Unaona vile they are hunched over the handlebars…its not possible to take pics of the speedos…

And you shud believe ya bae…he is an expert at these things. Ama ni aje @Gio

Ata free fall huwes fikisha hio speed. Ever driven at 130? No way on a bike. I even suspect Photoshop.

Alafu huyu bae wangu saa zingine huwes amini yeye. From experience.


122 is possible but only downhill and at high altitude due to the air density factor. I noticed how Froome was leaning forward once he reached over 70km/h, at those speeds if the bike hits even a small stone it can do some serious wheel damage. So one leans forward to keep the C.O.G forward and away from the wheels. It also reduces air resistance. After kuona hi maneno, nimepata excuse ya kusave na kununua a decent bike badala ya gari nihepe traffic na kusave fare… Nasema tu!


Speed is measured in two ways by using a cycle computer (which can be photoshopped) and Strava. Strava uses GPS to calculate the time taken to cover the distance between coordinates. It is hard to photoshop Strava data because it is available for everyone to see. You can also use strava on your phone during jogging and will give you time, speed and distance covered. This speed is legit.


You know bae @aviator is a bimbo at times speedos record and store the data to be analyzed later check the max wattage, its 1000+ watts

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I cycle to work often
On my bicycle maximum time taken is 26 minutes
With my car it takes me anything between 20 minutes to 1 hour
The bike is faster because I avoid traffic jams
It’s also more healthier, and enjoyable
There is a smooth section of my route to work where I usually become “the new chris froome”

All in all ride safely and don’t try heroics on the road (well I have and it’s addictive). Oil on the road, stones and water can turn to be disastrous

I have a lot of respect for professional bike riders, I think cycling is one of the most hardest sports, ever seen a fat cyclist like we have a fat footballer (rooney)?

The leg is done??

Bimbo ni nini? I suspect nimecinurwo hapo.

A horsepower (power of a horse)=750 watts. Now, are you telling me there are people stronger than horses? These must be the people Ezekiel 23 talks about when it says “Yet she increased her whorings, remembering the days of her youth, when she played the whore in the land of Egypt and lusted after her paramours there, whose members were like those of donkeys, and whose emission was like that of stallions.”

Ama ni kama huyu jamaa alicause tremors akifikisha threshold zikashtua @MaryJane asubui.

Anyway, maximum respect to the cyclists. The know their shiet. Mimi ata ndege yaku sitakangi ipitishe speed ya 100.

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Shots fired @MaryJane
Come confirm/deny these allegations

The thrasher has been identified as one @Ice_Cube. The Thrashee has not been identified as yet. maryjane was just an unlucky neighbor.

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Marathon ndio babayao. That thing is pure torture

True Marathon is tough but very few people if any die during a marathon. In the weekend when there was the paris-robauix cycling race, sometimes in April/May three cyclists lost their lives while cycling. At previous tour de france competations several cyclists have died. It’s tough…Yesterday team movistar were happy everyone was alive but still one of their cyclists was injured. Contador who was one of the favorites to win the tour de france has already left the race after getting injured. It’s tough and very risky.

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