Cyberspace Couples........................

gifs = weird characters :D:D:D

haha hii comment imeniua

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i am very adventurous in life and in bed, tallboy hana bahati

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Boo no need for all that…lemme hit you up on inbox xo


Mm ndo sina mpenzi apa:(


nyoa ndevu kwanza.

I’ve also thot so about this two

Heheh…nikinyoa utakua mpenzi wangu;););):p:p:p

No homo though

Nehi, No, Asha, Apana, Never, iihi, Okanyal, Aiyee, Nada, Nope, @nefertities:smiley:


Most notable was the chemistry between @Ice_Cube and @Purr_27 before @Ice_Cube chickened out. Then came @Black templar sp and @Nefertities. Then @Nefertities decided to cheat on black with @Ice_Cube. @Mundu Mulosi and @Supu don: These two seem to have shared something that I can’t understand.

@Unicorn tried vybing @Mkufuu but @Mkufuu was busy chasing a duruma. She then roped in@Kijanamrefu to cover her failure to nail @Mkufuu.

Epic fails: @Algernon. tried vibing @Purr_27 but purr was not interested in poems and all the lovey dovey. Same with guka. Hata ka gifs hakuekewa.

It’s worth mentioning Jirani vs Chloe. Jirani mjinga started counting his chicken before the eggs could hatch.

Personally, I would like to vibe @Unicorn. She is made of black just the way I like them :stuck_out_tongue:
Wamanyondos would make a good conversationalist but she seems to be a complicated human being.

This is internet. Jibambe.


:Dhapo kwa @Mundu Mulosi ni ukweli…hujadanganya:D


The nigga sleeps thinking of me and wakes up thinking the same.
I stumbled on him exchanging words with Bingwa scrotum and made a comment and voila ,it’s been like having a monkey on my back.


Hehe am actually in love with a lister…:slight_smile: :smiley: bt Ice_Cube owes me drinks alipromise n hes a sweatheart

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swafi a promise is a debt kamrembo

@kiLo- sasa nimejua umepotelea wapi :smiley:

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you are right @Conservative dude …i also dont know how he did it…:slight_smile:


too choosy, is it what he is wearing or whats in him? :slight_smile:

What did I do to you, man. You follow me… , man. @Purr_27 is not in my heart and I did not fail.