Cyber movie biz

Cc @Tommy Lee Sparta
A lady friend of mine had a movie biz but akafunga.she told me the reason was paytv n internet spoils this biz.

Now, am getting an idea to open a business thtl appeal to the xaxa generation as am getting a cheap premise near an Institute.

Was wondering if itl b viable plus is there a way I can restrict/limit downloads (sio watu washinde hapo xvideos n am using Safaricon)
(Am at a place in Meru where Faiba sijui Zuku ni story, Airtel n Orange r just bad news, so Safaricon ndio wanatunyonya tu).

Any ideas wadau?

Android plus home fibre killed cyber biz… Pengine huko mashinani bado inaweza shika.

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Weka PS and printing


Cyber fungua tu, si madwanzi wa kujaziwa KRA wako utawanyonya doo


My opinion is,kama hukufungua cyber enzi za cyber, itakupea stress with loads of expenses and being a new buizna kabla ushike wathii having in mind that smartphones ziko.

Best advice is,

  • get two comps
  • have internet access
  • Printer and copier (paper work)
  • weka stationaries,Mpesa to substitute
  • have an advertisement board indicating your services (NTSA,Ecitizen,KRA,smart phones apps installations) etc
  • piga watu passport size photos

Job ikishika ,niite tukule kanyama


Photocopy, ecitizen, driving license renewal, mpesa


Yap sana sana karibu na police station

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Asanteni sana wazito.
Notes taken.

Great ideas n @Chiefkiumbe inshallah hiyo nyama tutaila.

But @Deorro nauliza swali la ziada, xaxa generation wakiingia xvideos si watanifilisisha?(Safcom bandos)
Is there a way to ‘nyonga’ downloads?

Bandos na cyber bwana sioni ikimake, am sure kuna companies which offer internet in every town

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Why don’t you get to Mawingu Networks. They are one of the largest ISPs in the country and the service works well in Meru and Nanyuki. In fact, their HQ is in Nanyuki.

I believe there is also fiber in Meru nowadays. Why would you not use a fiber connection and use bundles?

Halafu never ever mix a cyber with a movie place. That is a very whack move when attracting millenials. Most movie places are places to just chill and meet up.

PS and movie makes a lot more sense. PS places in Meru are also not many kwa hivyo you would have a big competitive advantage.

Just make sure music is always blasting and you have comfy chairs for people to sit. The more they sit, the more they spend. Have a beautiful chic man the counter

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Golden era of movie CD business and Cyber cafe are over . You can try but it will be a struggle you will eventually lose in the end .

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A cyber is not bad if you incorporate some extra services eg watu wakijua photocopy yako iko clear and fairly priced watakuja ,passport pics fairly priced watakuja ,internet iko sawa watakuja just make sure the location is strategic

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Asande. Lemmi look it up

V looked it up, seems workable I.e if they can reach my bunduz.
Will call em kesho.seems they HV good reviews from Microsoft plus funding n all. Fits well.
So (don’t get me wrong), if you can get commissioned for this biz, inbox mi, nikienda Nanyuki all have you as my contact/reference.
Kitunguu inuke na tuinuane kiubratha.

stay away from movie or cyber business. in a year or two itakuwa tbt. isp providers are expanding their infrastructure and data is become cheaper by the day na usisahau watu pia wanachanuka and they are enlightented that they can stream online. usitupe pesa ukalilie kwa choo

Meru niko loaded na Unlimited internet, leta biz. uko town ama mak5?