Cyber Business

Greetings villagers, nimetoka shimoni, but still struggling kustabilize financially. One thing imekua on the back of my mind ni story na kuanzisha cyber cafe or the water purification biz (sio Nairobi yote ina maji kumbe). Got some enough capital, Ile naeza get either one of the equipments depending on advice ntaget hapa. Investors, businessmen…kindly saidia.

Shimoni ni shimo la tewa. Tuanze hapo

Fala 12…rock bottom my fren, financially disabled kabisa.

Kiosks mentality has taken/saturated the water purification biz but you can still make a decent living if your have a good location & genuine need for purified water… whenever i pass by rongai kuna place lazima nikute line jamaa ananukisha kitunguu mbaya.


I think water purification inaeza fanya poa sana, ni ile pia nimekua IT mostly…so I had a choice ya cyber pia. ebu ingia hapo

Water Business: you should do research before you start. i.e Licence cost, starting with KEBs, KRA, Kanjo, Health, Nema, Fire Permit, Medical and if your water source ni ya kanjo u should get authorization to use. After that, source of water i.e river water, streams water or, groundwater. Source of water will guide u in buying the machine for purification, which i recommend R.O machine. Next location of your plant will play a big part in ur success. Finally good marketing coz of the competition, distribution channel, accounting and hardworking from sales team. All the best.