Cyber and Photocopy Business.

Hey guys I want to venture into this biz of Cyber and Photocopying.
I wanted to know if its a good biz to venture into as aside hustle hii maneno ya kitegemea salary alone hainipeleki poa.

we are in 2018. not 2000.

Depends on location… It can work

Whats your point exactly?

His point is so obvious but if you can’t comprehend it, then huezi saidika haraka

Depends on location. Rich neighborhoods are not suitable for this bizna. However, highly populated places with low-income folks might be more suitable.

It’s the best business if you set it up at the right location… preferably near a college, also consider the type of machine you want to set up…kama si ww utakuwa ukiendsha tafta machine iko na counter ndo usigongwe… from experience, I can recommend

even peasants can afford an all in one printer…ni 3K tu

Colleges ziko na WiFi

Offer a lot of e-government, KRA, NTSA, lands etc services and you will be good.

Like it has been said above, location is important. Also look at the target market and offer services which most people cannot get e.g colour printing, printing of photographs from phone cameras, graphic design (for wedding cards,funeral programs, business cards). Have just a few machines for browsing. Offer mpesa services and snacks and computer/phone accesories. If you are good with repairs you can also offer repair services. It will mean you do it yourself or have someone you trust.

Side businesses work only in theory… Unless uko job ya gova where you can be making technical appearances only.

Umechelewa na kama miaka kumi hivi daddii!

Sikuiz those typa businesses are only good if you can forge stuff alot. Otherwise utakuwa umelalisha Biz vibaya sana juu kuna Wi-Fi in most offices hata shule pia.

Another useless reply:
“Disrupt” the market by supplying portable printers, instead of going into a dead/saturated field.

If you have serious capital;import photocopiers like 8 of them supply to schools or insititutions in a “rental” agreement.Learn to operate them and maimtain each of the copiers over the weekend…alafu you get paid on end month…

Seen it work before.Start small grow the business…

Hahhhahahaahahahah whaaat In a low class area colour printer-scanner- worth 26k nets 7800k per month pekee;Bado copier ;Bado net; bado cyber
bado Ecitizen services
Na bado gamblers kuja kubet jioni.
Never underestimate IT no matter how oldschool

My friend opened one in 2016 i thought he was nuts to do so in this age and guess what the business proved me wrong … imekuwa running vizuri ever since esp with this government realted services … akina KRA na passport oh na watu wa kubet

In as much as people are saying eti tuko 21st Century, my friend not everyone has evolved. Services za cyber bado zinahitajika everywhere everytime. Some people are still scared of words like paswords and emails, sasa ukimwambia mambo na e-citizen na kra si atakimbia.
Hata kwako ukiwa na printer bado at one time utahitaji print ama copy kitu ukiwa huko nje.