Hi guys, is it just mine ama gari zenu pia zinamaliza CV joints at a very alarming rate?

A car is trouble free from 0 to 80k km mileage. The problem is usually poor quality of spares, the moment you change the original parts, problems all through.

yangu nimechoka… italia hadi ile siku itaniita jina

right now haijui my name …it only sings katakatakatakata …nikikata corner

So trouble starts when one compromises with quality and starts using this cheap substandard parts!!

exclamation marks mbili zote ni za nini… wewe ni shoga au nini

waaah, the look they give time inalia hio katakatakatakata…
…nimeambiwa ni stay away from place inamatope, otherwise that is the end of it all

kwani exclamation mbili ni SI Unit ya ushoga.
wacha umakende


Guys, just get quality parts. If price is an issue you can get the ex-stuff (Ideally buy complete shafts)

Hii CV joint huwa tatanishi,half of mechs hawajui the initials but they can point where it goes

Fix it now otherwise utainamisha gari kwa barabara juu imevunjika shock/rim ikashika lami.

What you’ll pay for towing could be spent on the CV.

kuna kaheshima fulani imekosekana kati yangu na CV joints… kila saa zimeisha …i must say, i drive fast and have a not so good eyesight so mi hugonga potholes kadhaa

Most CV joints problems occur when the rubber boot comes off or gets torn.This leads to grease coming out leaving the bearings inside without sufficient lubrication or sand/mud/grits finds its way inside and mix with the grease and form a grinding paste which kills the bearing.

Always confirm the rubber boots are firmly secured in place and are in good condition during normal check ups esp in a pit stop.

you sure?

coz if thats all i need to be checking then thats gonna save tons of arab money

Very true. I’ve had 3 cars since na sijawahi badilisha CV joints.

Watu wa shoebaru tukae tent gani?

Very sure about this Sir.

Thanks… jazakALLAH khairan

let me guess…its a nissan?

hahaha. Is it that Nissan are notorious when it comes to “eating” CV Joints?

The secret to maintaining CV joints life is to always change the boots and apply grease