Cutthroat Competition For Viewership Amongst Local TVs Pushing News To An Early Start

Nation’s NTV nowadays start their evening news at 6:56pm.

Inakaa revenues have dwindled vibya sana. KTN and their newspaper the Standard are in a hole financially.

AI is coming to put the last nail on MSM TV’s casket.

I dont watch daily news lakini napenda dunia wiki hii.

Bado huwa mnaona cable TV?

Siku hizi news yote Iko Kijiji na mukuru

Do people still watch githeri media?

Hata Radio stations zinaumia. Was somewhere where they were playing Milele FM. Didn’t hear much adverts from corporates apart from tuma pesa ushinde sijui 5M. Classic FM tu ndio huwa nasikiza morning na iko na adverts za maana. Most local TV and Radio stations zimekuwa kama Casino…gambling 100%

This started over 5 years ago. 6.50-7.00 is ads time. If Ads ‘run out’ I guess it means early news time.

Wewe ni mzee…hope ushaendea pension

Why don’t they announce hiv positive faggets for Kenyans to be vigilant ?
If they state they the following bottom faggets are hiv positive ; @Mrs. Chantel @BaldCoomer @kanguthu @MajorProphet @Starscream @uwesmake @Nipe Nikusifu , they will boost their audience. Infact they can also bring hekaya on how @BaldCoomer was sodomized by his father at tender age and everyone will gape for air their eyes glued to the cable TVs following word by word from sores infested @BaldCoomer mdomo kauka mouth . Bure kabisa ng’ombe ici

Curious how NRG is thriving, ama it’s being hyped before being sold?

can’t remember the last time i watched local tv. Must be ten years plus for real

Kidogo kidogo , they opened NRG uganda recently

Dunia wiki hii still exists? Used to see it on KBC back in the day when Arafat almost always featured

Am a time traveller