Cuties netflix movie Parental warning on IMDB

It looks like the original poster and description were 100% accurate.


This is why you should never trust professional critics.
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a comment from someone

The story is apparently about young girls navigating sexual abuse while following their dreams. The story doesn’t push pedophilia but attacks it. Apparently the marketing department completely failed to present the story well and stupidly went for sex appeal. In children. They should all have their heads examined.

These guys are pedoes, I hear they auditioned 100s of little girls for this movie; the producer was basically watching 100s of 11 yr old twerk. The movies itself has 11 year olds twerking and its rated TV-MA that by itself is enough to show its full of sick sh*t.

Being modest

In just 100-150 years ago clothing i n Africa was relegated to elders and few influential people in society. The problem with this movie isn’t the nudity but in an over sexualized society the movie comes off as odd.Many people will not see the art and story behind it but concentrate on the nudity part.Also more people are sensitive and emotional.When European explorers were traversing the world they met nudist communities and they were taking pictures&portraits but to those communities it was normal life.IMO

even in those Reddit comments they are asking/stating the same thought as yours.

but personally I believe we have already lost the battle and there is no coming back.
if you have kids, too bad. if you don’t and don’t like what’s happening, don’t have kids.

that’s one way at looking at issues, the same way one might argue, if we religion was there when we walked naked, then we went to church and worshiped nake. so no need of bashing women who wear skimpy clothing.

in the next 2-5 years, am sure we will be walking naked and especially girls/women.
the little kids as you’ve said are already wearing the smallest of clothing with blessings fro their parents, and it will be difficult to tell them to start wearing long/non-revealing clothes as they grow up.

our minds/thoughts/beliefs will change and adapt to the new changes eventually.

Mahali tuna elekea Mimi kama mzazi the only source of entertainment Kwa mtoto wangu ni PS5. Fifa,Need for speed. Movies no

na hio PS5 chunga wasiingie kwa internet.

usisahau games pia zimeanza ku prime targest pia za hizi stories so chunga pia ni game gani unanunua ama wanacheza. same na cartoons

Game ni need for speed na FIFA.

Kwanza pedoes will be waking while watching those kids twerk.

A few years back pedoes kama hawa producers wangekuwa interpol list.

Wako na matiti Kama za dame? Matiti zimetoka?

I don’t watch any netflix thing. Modern gay crusaders. Now pedophile crusaders

Hawa ni watoto wako 11 yrs.

And its going to get worse. Now due to oscar rules for 2024 kila movie itakuwa na gay shit hata kama ni ya Shaka zulu.

Its a movie made by a bedwench so what do you expect? Ofcourse its going to be decadency about rejecting her african senegalese family values.

The bedwench director and her jungu.

Right now they will do anything to gain acceptance from hollywood pedoes and their friends in the white media.

I was sadened to find out that this decadent movie used african child actresses. Disgusting. But the most is that this bedwench had no shame, and her senegalese parents or people, africans dont have shame for not shaming her. Stupid b*tch.

what did y’all expect with Obama and his pedo cabal pulling strings at Netflix…first it was about a gay Jesus now this. The crusade to normalize this is on…and very soon they’ll coin a word to scorn anyone who’s against it. Watch!

They already have. The liberal media in US are calling everyone who is against this movies alt-right. They insist you support the movie because the producer is a black woman.