CuteBoys association.

This what you niggas sound like when you brag about being “Cute Boys” on Kenyatalk to online strangers.:D:D

P.S ,Actual good looking men know this isn’t the truth so muache kuchocha.


Cute is for kittens and puppies… Mwanaume hafai kujiita cute, that’s demeaning yourself. That said, I AM UGLY.

Mwanaume ni kuparara.


I saw them here the other day bragging about being cute - on Kenyatalk of all places???


Hapo sawa:D:D:D

Cute boys is another polite word for those other brothers of ours:D

they are not ours

Cute boyz ni wale hujipaka make up, wanatengeneza nails, wamekaranga nywele na wana chew bubble gum noisily?
Hao si ni gays?:D:D:D

The truth about being “cute” as a man:

Being cute is not enough for a man. If you are cute, you will get sex, but the girls will keep cheating on you with guys who have money and game. You will find yourself in a situation where getting sex isn’t a problem but you keep getting cheated on. Looks will get you quality sex but if an average guy shows up with a shiny BMW and guarantees to take her to Diani for a week after taking her out to some fancy restaurant in Westlands, you already know what time it is.

Women can succeed just by being beautiful because men place more weight on beauty than women. The remaining large percentage is game and money.

A handsome broke man without game, is like an extremely hot single mother of five kids. They get a lot of sexual interest, but they can’t keep any of the people they have sex with.

Don’t get me wrong, being handsome is a big edge over being sura ngumu. But it’s just not enough for a man.

That last part is the Most important line yet.

As a former member of that stupid cute boy’s association ,
this is why I started hitting the gym and finding ways to improve my social skills + Money.

Being cute should never be the goal.
Becoming a grown man should.

I would rather have sura personal but I’m Rich & Charismatic than a cute boy with neither of the last 2.
Even then ,I realized that even though women would approach me ,it was never the hottest ones - mostly average chics.

The finest women still expect you to have the balls to make the first move.

(That’s also how I realized the alleged “Cute Boys” on Ktalk are lying. The 10’s don’t approach you but the 6’s & 7’s do)

You once said beautiful women huwa on average wanaenzana na handsome men than when they date down to an ugly looking guy.

Sexual selection manenos.

But fact is some men are blessed with money, good genes( physique and height), well paying jobs, confidence and brains…they are very few but wako

If you are a man and consider yourself Cute, you need to be reviewed, Cute to attract who? Ama unadai kutombwer. A real man has no esteem issues. Life is about Hustle and giving back to the society, all these rants are for Puberty boys who have placed more weight on their looks. Why impress women when you can have them if you have game’

Very true
Unfortunately we live in a very weird world…believe it or not, physical appearance( not just cuteness) plays a huge role in career success for both male and females…its very sad but true…Next time you go for a drink don’t look for an attractive waitress to serve you…and next time you go to sj don’t only settle for pretty whores…give average ones a chance too
Research shows physical appearance affects career success in economics

Atleast mimi nko apa nawakilisha all the way

Wewe ni mnono…out!

Who is cuter between your boyfriend in Qatar and your wife in Kenya?

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