Cut off Toxic mums, please advise hi

Maze last year biz ilidunda, after five years of thriving. Within that time my mzae got diabetes complications nikadecide niende nimchunge as I weigh my next moves.

Kufika home maze nikapata, he’s being completely neglected. Mathe anaskip dawa, especially when he doesn’t want him out and about. Mzae is diabetic so ukiskip dawa, especially at that time, angeshinda amengorota kwa kiti the whole day and his memory would be completely off…

She was feeding him poorly despite having a full time mboch and too much food. Pia nikapata ame lease part of the shamba ya mzae to a few characters, without his knowledge. And there were issues hapa na pale za my old man’s life savings…

Nway, I pushed her aside and took care of the mzee hadi akarudi form. But Mathe was so pissed off, maze alikua anaanza kisirina over some petty shit and then ananitusi mbaya. Ananiambia aliwaste pesa kunipeleka shule…and essentially calling me a useless loser…kidogo he started working with my useless bro who spends his whole time drinking changaaa kwa Kijiji to fight me…

Vile mzae alipona nilijitooa and went back to hustle…bado I haven’t regained my footing vizuri…but now that I have a bit of money…next month I want to go with a surveyor and fense of my part of the property…and then completely cut off this two devils. This is my paternal grandfather’s property but so I have to claim it but whatever property she bought let her share with his useless 39-year-drunk son, who dropped out of college and now drinks full-time, jamaa ni incel MGTO pia.

.bana zile maneno huyo mama aliniambia almost killed my self esteem and lipido hehehe…I have recovered but have also learned that even your own mum can be a greedy, manipulative, selfish, liar…and it’s okay to cut her off… And, once wewe ni mzee, we nikama umbwa Koko kwa bibi yako…so majamaa jipangeni.

Sahii ananitumia mabible verse pale WhatsApp but najua hiyo ni regrets na manipulation tu… hebu toeni maoni wadau, kweli naonea huyu mathe?


Mwambie umemsamehe lakini hutasahau. She will also need care in the future, hapo ndio utaona the real tears and manipulation.


Kizungu yako inapea mtu headache. Anyway the best thing is for you to keep off from the mum and brother for some period of time until they come back to their senses and come looking for you. Don’t confront them for now

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Kaa mzuri. If possible pick your old man ukae na yeye. In Greek all blessings and curses come from the father. I know of at least two instances where sons have ejected their mothers from their homes for neglecting mzee. In one instance, the sons would take shopping home for the parents, their mum was younger than their dad so they thought she’d take care of the ailing dad. They would even hire day burgs from the neighborhood to help in maintaining the home, assist in cooking etc. One day the burg calls one of them, their dad is sick. Their mum hadn’t called any of them. They rushed home and rushed mzee to a hospital, tests, mzee is dehydrated. When he was able to talk, he was asking for food. Kumbe njaa ndio ilikua inamaliza yeye. Day burg alikua ashafukuzwa a few weeks earlier and the mum used to pocket the money, that is on top of what they were sending to her and the mzee. She had also confiscated mzees phone on guise imeharibika. Kiujanja one got the mum’s phone and her balance was over 100k, pension ya mzee alikua Anatoa na simu ya mzee na anajitumia. When they got back home. They told her to pack and leave. Store ilikua imejaa food, fridge pia. Luckily on her last days burg hakua amelipwa, she had come for her money when she noticed the ailing mzee. The woman had slowly alienated the mzee. If the burg hadn’t turned up the mzee would have been a goner. With old age complications, dementia etc. ata postmortem haingefanywa. Nikuomboleza na kuzika mzee. Mzee is still alive. Woman alipigwa exile for a while, when she got back alikua anaishi kwa nyumba yake kando.


Wrong start… Case :lock:.

Ukisoma zaidi ya hapo your iQ is below ktalk standard.


Nimetype randomly kwa simu, too late edit. Sasa hata wakirudi to their senses, it’s too late. Some perceptions can’t be reversed… I’ll always view them as villains and :smiling_imp:

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We mzee, kwani you want an essay

Sawa sawa Einstein, we know you come here for nuanced conversations on quantum m mechanics.

While I am not discounting your mom being what you say, pengine wako huko wamesinyana mpaka she decided to do that. Maybe she is also not well emotionally. It could be fatigue from taking care of the old man and other affairs at home. Could be a lot, including what you say.

All the same, I must congratulate you for doing what you did. Usiache mzae adhalilike na uko hai. Hapo umefanya cha maana sana buana!

Take time out and seek the actual answers to your mom’s behavior. Do not ignore it na uache iende hivyo juu maybe it is something she still harbors deep down.

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Tafutia mzae soft meat. Sukari ikipanda anapiga shot tatu ina shuka.


That’s likely true, mzee is difficult at the best of times. But it’s what she’s been doing in the prior years that bothers me…her attempts in driving a wedge between me and the mzae …and just creating constant unnecessary conflicts…


Unasema bro ni anti marriage, yet your pops got married and is going through hell on earth.


Planteshen = Suffering.

True…Ali learn from experience…but MGTO life intaka decline. Ukiwa MGTO na kazi ni changaaa tu, hapa Sasa you’re just a low value shit

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