Customs duty on phones

Wadau I bought a phone online and had it sent by regular post. It arrives and the customs guys at posta want me to pay a whooping 43% duty for the phone. Of course i contested and 30 minutes later I walked out of posta with my phone and my wallet 2k lighter.

Question what is the customs rate for phones and how do other people import their phones. Is there an opportunity ya kunukisha kitunguu if your importing say 100 units

i paid 4k for a 6k phone from china…lets be told how other people ‘negotiate’ the customs

When coming home with phones and laptops, this is how i want to evade the tax man at jkia:
Use Ethiopian airline, shuka adis Ababa, chukua basi hadi Nairobi, ingia tearoom hadi karatina

Tax normally comes to 40%. So you weren’t conned. It’s just expensive. That’s all.

unless unakuja na container mzima ya phones na laptops otherwise,its too much hustle

I thought import tax on electronics is 16%
Au simu sio electronic?

it seems mine was charged at 60% guess its because the sending company had undervalued and it was being sold on offer so cheap on buying but tax ni ile ya original price…we are overtaxed in everything

And you might end up paying more in form of fare and bribing custom officials at the border

Hi story uliza yule mod mafeelings.

Nakuja na simu kama 500 na 200 laptops so what if i pay 60% for each?
Kwa border hakuna search wazimu kama jkia

Uko Dubai na hujui mizigo inaletwa aje Nairobi?

The customs guys are no nonesense and even went as far as checking the value on aliexpress I had quoted tge value at 100usd and had to backtrack when they found out it cost almost 300 usd on wholesale.

tuambie. inaletwa aje?

Have you done this before ama ni first time? Na 500 phones na 200 laptops utazibebaje kwa basi considering they are very fragile

You don’t deal with the taxman direct. Leave cargo handling to the experts.

Tupe mawaidha mkubwa. I want to place an order for 100 units but need to minimize the logistics costs to maximize the onion aroma

You send via cargo express but they charge 500 per kg

I have been sending but ni expensive

what about customs…there are some commodities that are light yet they attract high customs…does the 500/kg still apply?

Ogopa hawa kina bingwa, no tax is paid i dont know how they operate