Curvy Christine

Once in a while , you come across this Kind of Wonder … :D:D
















Those Thighs are to DIE for … :D:D:p


pass, labda nilipwe

This is very scary

Only to non-performers …
Anone with “Good Game” will be up for the Task …:D:D

and wonder where she went wrong.

Hapana, huyu atamaliza bed sheet usiku jo

What you ALL need is a Tutorial on HOW to handle this kind of challenge …:smiley:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Rex rex @rexxsimba hapa sasa hapana. Umezidi.

Very horrifying, if that elephant accidentally sleeps on top of you, you will surely nurse broken ribs and stressed kidneys

Sais yangu… Halal certified.

Kaa huko Mifupa League …
Big Booty is for REAL Men …:D:p







How do u screw these hippos?am asking for a friend

I assume you are not a minor and therefore quite knowledgeable in basic conjugal matters …
If not , some of the more astute membership here can give you some valuable pointers in this regard … :smiley:

P.I.G approved for consumption. Hii after FAXE can mbili utateremsha hii nyama dry fry