Cursed Son

Never embrace people who humiliated your parents. Raila Odinga is sharing a bed with his late dad’s enemies.[MEDIA=facebook]1272634014/posts/10226938174021662[/MEDIA]

Now okuyus are embracing the “warrior” who roasted their women and children in churches. Cursed hustler.

In politics, there’s no permanent enemies or friends.

Arror is different. His enemies…may their souls rest in peace

hiii ni hearsay evidence which is rarely admissible in court .

You will be shocked by the fact that his enemies will be the greatest benefactors of his regime. That’s if he ascends to power.

Raila is making the same mistakes his father made. His father trusted Jomo who later jailed him. Raila himself trusted Kibaki who later turned on him in 2007. Some things never change…,

Baba is the change we’ve been waiting for. Lakini kijana ya jomo ameharibu economy such that it will be difficult to steer the economy to the right direction. Hii kijana mlitoa wapi… jameni…


How didn’t anyone see all those red flags?

:D:D:D:D uhuru aapishwe kenya iendelee…

Sawa them coming…But could do nothing. Hio ni serikali

:smiley: :smiley: