Cursed Brat

He has gotten his 5 secs of fame. Uzuri america sheria inasema sio lazima uachie watoto kakitu. I hope he rewrote his will as soon as he saw this tweet

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Anya licker, uliona picha za huyu wetu na bibi take?

This Mukoma si ako 50? He should have forgotten about his dad years ago and moved on. If he played his cards right, he should be sipping beer somewhere on the beach in Watamu. Sasa ona bad decisions zinafanya aishi in childhood trauma.


Na wewe uko tu hapa Naikuru na kuona :flamingo: tu


Enda hapo Milimani najenga Maisonette :joy:

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Hio ni poa, na ukitembea jiji kuu uone vile wengine wako

Wow, a Boomer used to beat his wife? What a shocker.

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Your analysis is spot on. That trauma is a bitch and if not taken care of, life is a bitter experience. Few here will understand the wisdom that was distilled there.

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But on a serious note…for some of you whose fathers used to discipline your mothers, how did that affect you later in life? Did you later resent your fathers…how did you handle it? And did it shape the type of husband you later became?I have a friend who has never forgiven his father after witnessing the beatings as a child. Am lucky i never had to experience such…but i know most of you warent as lucky

And when you find a 50+ year old man talking about this that’s a symptom that sth is amiss. This is shit he should’ve dealt with long ago.

Mukoma is a hypocrite. He has benefited from the Ngugi name to further his career but when it suits him he exposes his family issues to the whole world.

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