Currently hii Nugu ilisota hakuna pesa ya kurepair Chopper yake dont joke with Dp Ruto


you wish he was

Huyo hawezi sota , yeye Ni member wa b.o.g ya EL CHAPO Africa branch

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Hehehe… muko na jokes jamaa has like 4 ongoing miillion dollar developments…

tell us more


A unit is selling for @38m only… 50% sold.

You are clueless,Escobar has wealth,i mean real wealth

True, kamesota sana. Liquidity ni shida. Though naskia ako na assets zinapita 1B.


noted sir

Usidanganywe. If you’re in marketing and you want to convince people to buy your products, you tell them 50% has already been sold. Bado ata hawajaanza kujenga.

How is him being Broke DP Ruto’s doing ? People’s priorities changes from time to time, and currently repairing His helicopter maybe not on the top of the list.
Pia understands, the guy has alot of assets, and some liquid cash. Unlike in early 2000’s when he had lots of cash and not so many assets.
But either way, his worthiness is up there. He can still mount a serious campaign for Kiambu Gubernatorial seat, if need be.

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Cashflow is usually the elephant in ones finances…
Otherwise one will be forced to liquidate assets.

But Kenyans. Probably he is for insurance to compensate for the damage yet someone sees that as being broke.
Real mbirionares roll in these

Nyinyi hamuelewi maana ya kusota…

Nyumba zilisha kitambo…

Kabogo is doing housing projects using EPS. Kazi amepea Chinese

That’s another valid point.