Current Statistics Indicate Wajackoyah Will Win

I was looking at search data today and according Google Search Trends popularity, Wajackoyah is now arguably as popular as Raila and Ruto and he has been able to achieve this in less than a week. Twitter trends data also indicates that his popularity is surpassing that of the two other candidates. Personally, I think Wajackoyah will win this presidential race if there’s no corruption involved or if Deep State decides to support his bid hata chini ya maji. [ATTACH=full]443965[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]443965[/ATTACH]

Gospel ime bamba

Interest does not amount to votes. Jamaas are interested in getting amused by his marijuana chronicles. Come Election Day is back to tribal settings.

Wajahkoyah The real hustler. Huyo mwingine ni mbwa mwitu. Mwizi wa mali ya umma. Lakini ugonjwa yake tunamtibu pale kwa debe.

‘former’ intelligence

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu now claims Kenya Kwanza is losing its numbers while Azimio la Umoja is consolidating its bases.

“They are ceding ground they previously comfortably occupied like Mt Kenya.
Even Wajackoya is now threatening their (Kenya Kwanza) assumed key demographic of 18-30 and partakers of marijuana,” Ngilu alleged.

It does especially if the popularity wave is consistent. He’s risen from the ashes to be at par with Raila and Ruto within one week. What about two months.

His popularity will translate into votes. He basically has the vote of almost every marijuana smoker plus guys that are tired of corruption…

Me thinks this is just euphoria. Dust will settle down in three weeks.

Ruto n Raila were having their show until Wajakocya came in


I don’t know why, but I think you should change your handle to Mtu wa giza:D

Yeah. Aulize Abduba Diba vile hizi vitu zinakuwanga.

That Diba guy had almost zero popularity. Secondly, those tribal settings you guys keep talking about have been distorted this time round. Ruto now has followers in Central, but I’d call them lost sheep that can easily be swayed.

The likely scenario is that Wajackoyah will get votes from most people who were on the fence. His base is also comprised of marijuana smokers who are drawn by his legalize it mantra…

Of course, Wakale na Wajaluo watavote strongly along tribal lines. But Wakikuyu hakuna candidate strong so there’s nothing to lose by voting Wajackoyah. And that’s how he’ll win…

Wacha Bhangi.

Wajackoyah the 5th…:D:D

Your reasoning reeks of moronic naivety and extremely low IQ.

I believe the man is a plant and I’m not talking about marijuana.

P.K also won on facebook and twitter.

Very true

#Tunawesmek - or something like that - ilibamba mbaya.


Sawa. Jibambe brathe.