Current Political Temperatures

I have been drinking on a daily basis this week because it’s Christmas period anyway. The political temperatures are worrisome this time round. My random interaction with strangers in bars, both dim eyes and shiny eyes and others signals that some fucked up stuff (God forbid), might happen. Dim eyes maintain that Tinga will not go down without a fight…shiny eyes are ready to defend what they think is “rightfully theirs”. I hope that there is peace and tranquility across the nation, but I just cant ignore the animosity between these two groups of people (Cord vs Jubilee). The Kenyan Shilling and stocks will be a bad investment in 2017 unless the temperatures change.

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You like interacting with strangers Na kunywa fobe zao. Prepare your…


It will be the best time for me to buy more being a long timer…targeting kenol kobil. I see opportunity where people see failure


Nilikunywa fobe za bigfish mmoja pekee…the guy was an associate of a politician…and it was my only chance to use public funds. Nilimtafutia msichana na nikamuacha Tribeka…nigga didnt have the balls to ask a girl to his table…so technically, I worked for the beer.


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I am liquidating my holdings in the coming days to preserve capital.

War is bad for everyone mate…if you dont believe me, ask your grandmother…she probably had a taste of the second world war.

He will not go down without a fight? Kwa hivyo atachimba shimo juu tayari ako down?

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Strangers’ day in day out, boss huna marafiki?


Erwoti create a thread on this pia nijue ii maneno ya shares za io kitu

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I learn more from strangers than friends. Most of my close friends are shiny eyes anyway…so I cant rely on them in meaningful political discussions.

Majority shareholders

Yaa erwoti neinki


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I buy when you are fearful. I swim against the tide .:D. I just got done with equity . Waiting for more drop .

:D:D:D sawa

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Siku moja atapakwa ariamisi to oil the piston
Cc. Iamgodamnrhisshittybutt

Leo umenunuliwa mzinga ya KC ama tukuchangie?

According to a local daily, the Kikuyu Council of Elders don’t want to see Deputy President William Ruto anywhere near President Uhuru Kenyatta during his visits across the country, as he goes on a charm offensive to secure himself a second term.

Anyone with political hair on their chests knows why the alarm bells are ringing so loudly. The elders, and the Central region as a whole, see doom when they look ahead. It is getting clearer that President Uhuru may not get back to power.

They don’t see any hope of Muthamiki renewing his tenancy of the House on the Hill. They think ‘the problem’ is sitting next to their King, and they want him out.
Uhuru’s Armageddon is Musalia Mudavadi’s National Super Alliance, designed to pulverise the Jubilee Party.

NASA is hell-bent on making Uhuru the first one-term President in Kenya’s history.
Before NASA came up, JP handlers had been falling over themselves dismissing and mocking the opposition as nothing but a bunch of confused nitwits who could not challenge Kamwana’s administration.

The Deputy President and other JP busybodies have often been quoted saying the opposition is busy quarreling among themselves about whshould be the presidential candidate, while Jubilee is already planning for the 2022 elections. Before NASA, the 2017 general election was a done deal for JP. Little did they know that the opposition was busy calculating how best to kick them out of power
Now, JP is staring at defeat and worse, they don’t know how to react. That is why you see the President and his DP running scared all over the place, launching imaginary projects and blaming everybody for their imminent defeat.

A leading daily recently reported that 80 per cent of the road networks launched by the Jubilee administration in the past one month are unbudgeted for. Some have not even started a year after being commissioned.


Leo niko kejani namaintain tu…ukijua kuishi keja yako utaweza kuongea na wazee…meffi. Na uhame uwachange kuamsha mama yako akuserve chakula saa nane usiku…sio poa:D:D:D:D:D

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