Current IEBC logistical mess will result to Supreme Court Petition and Round Two

Too many fuck ups by IEBC bana hii kitu inarudiwa tukicheza.
Kirinyanga Gubernatorial details ziko kwa ballot papers za Kakamega Gubernatorial pallets.
Kilifi Ballot papers ziko Mombasa County.


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All that by design, Uhuru had formed a multi agency task force to oversee election preparations, lakini Chebukati akalete ufala.
Haya ndio matokeo.

election zinafaa kufanywa na iebc ama ni multi agency team ya uhuru?

Ule Jayden mmoja alitaka kuenda Ichaweri after Supreme Court ruling ilisema election irudiwe ule wa computer /Data entry error in the Budget when he was Finance Minister. Hata ya cattledip ama nyumba kumi haezani.

We will use Chopper to distribute the miss identified ballots

I swear Africans cannot govern themselves.
I vote we get the top Japanese brains and bring them to each sector of this government. In 20yrs we’ll be lightyears away.

@Kahuni Maisha ni umbwa koko
uhuru anataka kuiba kura buana

Efficiency and effectiveness are alein words in any African country election! Wait till the simple arithmetic of vote counting is done, before the final mess of announcing the winner!

Unless I heard it wrong, gubernatorial elections in Kakamega and Mombasa have been suspended until further notice

That is it

I can confidently say that stupidity is embedded into the bonobo’s DNA. It can’t do the simplest of tasks right even if its life depended on it.
How did that even happen? And YET they had all the time in the world to prepare and even double check that everything was okay.

Always said it here before that Chebukati should have been fired after the 2017 presidential elections nullification.

You have ONE job to do, once every five years. How hard can it be? But let’s be honest, Chebukati was never the most competent person to begin with. Some people wanted him because he was docile and would obey their orders. Once again our culture of corruption and mediocrity comes back to bite us in the ass.

You would think they would have people on the ground kwa the printing plants to verify shit. But no, them niggers prolly be chilling at a 5star hotel by the Mediterranean sea pale Greece sipping on [SIZE=4]Piña Colada’s.[/SIZE]

We need a solution for these last minute election court cases.
Mombasa ballots were only printed a week ago because everyone and their uncle rushed to court. Kakamega like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Even if the errors were caught, I doubt they would have been ready by tomorrow.

It’s not IEBC’s fault. The system is deliberately designed to fail by those in authority.

How many plagues were there in Genesis, 10? At this point I’m starting to think Chebukati is the 11th, designed to mangle and soil every election he presides over. A freaking cancer that needs excising

Africana tuko na shida.