Current crop of youth wanataka kila kitu instantly, very impatient

Sio instant cash, instant wealth, instant coffee, instant boner and what have you. This bonobo amekanyaga miguu twende for only one year and has thrown in the towel already.

Yes he has good papers but inafaa akue patient. We were there tukatulia na kula bread crumbs kutoka serikali but tukajipanga. If I was him, ningetafuta opportunities majuu

Yaani ghaseeer inaita mitoto nyeusi bill Clinton muguai :D:D

Gen Z hoye!!!:D:D

Let him go mjengo asome wiring vizuri sanaa

Why should he be patient when he sees illiterate dropouts becoming overnight successes?

much respect to this guy. modern civilization is driven by Electrical Engineers. this guy need to get out of .ke like yesterday.

he is way above wiring, hio wachia graduates wa villige polytechnic na other certificate holders.

Education is one thing, learning is a whole different ball game

Huyu ata hajamaliza 12 months akitafuta kazi na ashaanza kupiga nduru:D:D

Penye gen Z tumefika, hapana tambua.

Hajui hio cert yake ni gold mine ?

That’s the world. Wengine wetu 20 yrs plus, hatujawai ona employment.

He will be OK.

Hio ni A ya wizi mwakenya. Sisi watu ya B ya blood,sweat and tears ndio tumeshikilia hii economy ya nabii mwitu.

Such a bright guy is already frustrated. But the notion of 844 that program student to believe that As translate to automatic success is just but a fallacy. Success stories involve so many variables

Most of these meffi first class want to be managers in their first year. Am sure huyu omwami turned down job offers because he was being interviewed with diploma candidates. Hata hio TikTok hata toboa. Thinking a six figure salary comes with your IQ

He’s being impatient
my oldest siz alimada campo at 23 got employed by government at 29
Kuna elder Fulani hapa alisema Alipata TSC teaching job at 34 after graduating at 27

The average waiting time for graduates is 5 years.

We are a third world country for goodness sake. Let the guy be patient. Which color jobs haziko mbikoz hatuko industrialized kama US where there are more jobs than the adults Hadi 15,16 year old can get job opportunities.

But namwelewa ameona agemates wake wanafanya online writing, Forex trading Na content creation wamekafunga fiti amegive up.

Pia Mimi niliingia betting after making my entire IT starting salary 40k in one weekend nikasema there’s no way nitasoma 18 years kutoka nursery Hadi uni alafu you pay me less than a thousand dollars in a month…surely nikioa nitalipa mahari Na nini? nitadrive Gari lini, at 40? Nitaenda USA lini kuona WWE WrestleMania LIVE? nitaendaje Olympics Na world cup Na Salo ya 40K?

This boy could have easily gone for his degree majuu on a scholarship. Wtf is he still doing in kenya!!!

I think applying for a job and progressing your career should be taught as a unit in university. Also, applying for scholarships should be taught in school.

Huyu jamaa ni high IQ, lakini tena ni mjinga.

With a first class from UON, his best bet would to be apply for a fully paid Masters scholarship to study in an Ivy league university abroad. After that, he can easily secure a job abroad with over $100,000 yearly salary as an electrical engineer.

Ata bila scholarship, bado anaeza pata jobs majuu kama yeye ni mjanja.

Our politics. Tulijitengenezea

So what is he expected to do with his electronics degree here in 254? Design electronics for mikokoteni?

I know someone who had exact credentials, except his kcse was a clean A. Went to the states and did 2 accelerated masters degrees. Right now let’s say his life is very different. Kenya is a hopeless country!