Curious to know

Rift valley vs Central voters

What’s the tally for each Region.Be reminded that Rift Valley has a good chunk of madoadoas.
The narrative that Ruto brought a good % of the votes to the govt might be a hogwash after all

aaaaaaaaaaai mtu yetu anamaliswa

Lets have free and fair elections Moi/Raila washinde Ruto fairly arudi Sugoi

On a serious note tafuta hizo numbers uwekelee hapa.
Jamii ya Kikuyu imeuziwa uwoga hadi akili zao ziko tu kulipa deni lakini hawapigi hesabu zingine kama hizi.
Plus Ruto was like automatically voted in as DP.
That was too much of a bargain.

Does it really matter? If IEBC or whatever it will be called in 2022 needs to, they’ll just do their magic with the servers again.

Kikuyus will not comeout in large numbers if one of their own is not on the debe

Just want to find out what RV vs Central contributed in terms of votes in the last general elections.


Whoever has the key to the IEBC servers has it all .

If it really was the servers,the opposition could have asked for access to paper votes and verified. Why was this never requested, if at all? And remember something, a computer thief if the easiest to catch. Because he leaves a trail of his work. The C++ scripts are right there. 1+1 cout 12. And opposition representatives were present at each tally. All you do is ask your representative if the vote count was 22,000 at Msambweni as is being reported. You dont even need a computer sleuth.
But when it comes to voting in Kenya, brains go into hibernation.

You may be right, but my point is, whatever the system decides is what will happen. Personally, I stopped believing in the integrity of voters and the electoral process the day two ICC indictees with mega-scandals under their belts were placed in State House.


Yeah just be careful not to be swept into a herd mentality. Sometimes use your reasoning. It keeps one sane. In 2007, Raila was robbed a victory, no doubt. He was appointed PM. He beat Kibaki several times in court during that period. His only mission, should have been to make sure they do not rob him again. The country was reeling and did not care about development. If the election was stolen from him in 2012, he takes the blame. Its a major failure on his part. What was he doing during that tenure as PM?

I wanted Raila to win because I knew Uhuru wouldnt amount to anything. But I saw problems in his campaign and goals. His campaign crew are old Jaruo men and women out of touch with the common man.In fact with little understanding of campaign politics. Raila goes to rural Samburu and starts talking about Anne Waiguru stealing 2B to a 10,000 some crowd of pastoralists who do not know anything outside their village. Anne Waiguru is who? What is 2B? He never attended youth meetings…, plus many other things.

I havent seen any solid proof of stealing from 2012 and 2017, although it may have taken place. But he was destined to loose.

Simuyu , my long time friend , Habari yako? You are acting like you live a lalaland. Kenya has no those democratic process you are insinuating. We tried when raila was vying in 2017 to have access to those servers …what happened ? Musando was murdered…We tried to have access to those ballot papers …tuliambiwa nini?.." if you have a problem with ballots please go to court so that the boxes could be opened and a legit papers counted."

Meanwhile they were stuffing ballot papers and changing the security strap on the boxes. The numbers of ballot papers stuffed had to closely match the figures pushed onto the servers .

We had videos flying around of NYS guys stuffing ballot papers at night ama hukuziona?.. The point is: if you have state machinery behind you then your chances of winning are upped by 40%.

Niko sawa kabisa. Opposition was given the list of registered voters by county before the election (remember when they were crying dead voters). So if the ballots were stuffed, all they needed to do is audit the ballot boxes against that list. If true, you will find an unregistered voter in a county box. Or a double vote. Easy catch.

We were denied this opportunity to audit the ballot boxes. They wanted us to go round and round in circles meanwhile uhuru was being sworn in . We didn’t want to waste time here and proceed to swear our people’s president. Hakuna transparency kenya

Kiambu mafia once said Uthamaki will never go beyond Chania river.These other communities should be worried coz Uthamaki might never leave Central again.Transparency at the ballot will never be allowed.

Voting for Ruto is accepting to be shafted for 10 more years. It’s a mistake guys and it’s not worth it. Vote for people like Alfred Mutua, Ekuru Aukot and the like. Kwenye tu watatupeleka ni sawa.

I wish Mutua would come forward.I would change my stand about voting.We need to try new persons for the post.Not just the presidential one but all govt senior posts.Tuondoe hizi ving’auro.

I agree. Mutua ako sawa.