Curious About Who Elon Musk Really Is?.....Here....

This is just one of many other interesting things about the “crazy guy” of the tech industry observed
by the whole world. Any of his actions can cause waves in the market. Below are some interesting stories about this billionaire.

The “Unusual” Stories Of Elon Musk, The “Extravagant Guy” Just Selected As “Person Of The Year” By TIME
Overcoming many of the world’s top famous names, the richest bill

Perhaps, that is the first time when I agree with Times concerning the person of the year.
I have no idea how Elon manages to do all these things within 24 hours, it seems just incredible. That is the productivity of a person of 22nd century, I guess. There is something like an eternal engine inside his body and he is always ready to accept new challenges all the time. The most interesting and perhaps pathetic thig is that I don’t know how to learn this kind of productivity. It is something like an inborn thing: his bravery, intelligence, resistance and so on. He is busy with so many projects which will make our lives better in future.

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He is a special kind of human being. No wonder he cannot maintain friendships or relationships.

His mind is full of creativity 24/7.

he’s only good at PR, nothing more

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He’s an autistic genius whose actions are magnified by today’s information age and who chooses the trendiest industries to disrupt

He’s an apartheid dynasty kid who’s good with marketing si ati he’s another Nikola Tesla…Hadi hiyo
article inasema ati he is the inspiration behind Tony Stark a Bond character who has been there since 70s