Curfew untill 2022

My reliable source tells me no lifting of night curfew untill 2022 first quarter. Mass action /revolution chieths panguzeni mwafii kuleeeeee>≥>>>>:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Thieth bado uko na zile viatu zako zimeparara ama ulibuy zingine?

Kumamamako … homosexual chieth bado unauza matako Monaco:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Punguza man boobs kwanza mende ya choo

Ghasia tomba hao chokosh wa kemtisi utulie.

Chokosh mumeshiba mka ona mpimane nguvu. Wacha kaende kusonga.

I remember when they told us we’re shutting down for “2 weeks” to “flatten the curve.” Gosh!!

Wacha hizo punda mwitu zipimane nguvu, wakishamaliza I will go for their jugular

Apart from politics, what is funny, feeble mind?

Hana adabu akiweka picha hapa, kuna jamaa alimwambia zinakaa kama mende.:D:D

Wapi link mdau?

Covid is not just a disease but a calculated scheme to curtail human rights and freedoms.

Hmmm…over here we are being warned of a 4th wave. 4TH!! You start to question what else is going on.

They have it all planned out in advance. They will keep on bringing these waves until they finally bring in the NWO to normalise things.

Sure, but we also can’t relent in the fight no matter how fatigued we feel at this point.

The comment section is hilarious! :smiley:

Of course yes

This how kamwana continues to mortgage our country