Curfew extended for 30 days

These people are joking with us. They are on the streets gathering crowds and yet cannot allow us to conduct our business beyond certain hours. isorait isoke

client 13173 and his cronies are a total waste. Didn’t you see the minister of corona saying that political gatherings are not spreading covid. it is funeral gatherings that are doing so?

Hii takataka inaitwa curfew yafaa iondolewe. When matatus were allowed to carry full, there were some opinions kwa magazeti eti corona ita panda. It hasn’t happened. Political rallies are being held all over. Hii serikali imejaa watu wana matope kwa kichwa.

Curfew and masks won’t end until all bats are vaccinated

It’s either mtoke nje ku-protest vile wanafanya huko France na Australia, ama mu-observe curfew bila kusumbua.

In their demented minds, they believe the Covid 19 virus is more transmissible in the dark :D:oops:

Unafanya nini gizani?


We clearly elected a FOOL

Uhuru ni umbwaaa na hio curfew yake

@Punda amechoka

The French are a special breed. French workers might just be the most sumbuas in the world. Their labour laws are really tight na ukijaribu kuguza utashangaa. Hio ujinga iko UK ya zero hour contracts huwezi jaribu kuweka France.

Since their revolution in 1789, those guys don’t take kindly to anyone trying to mess with their freedom.

It is a global problem. Govts follow advice of WHO experts.

[SIZE=7]Sydney imposes nightly curfew as Australia battles Delta outbreak[/SIZE]

SYDNEY/CANBERRA, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Two million residents of Sydney will be under nightly curfew from next week to slow the highly infectious Delta variant of coronavirus that is spreading across New South Wales state, authorities said on Friday as they extended lockdown orders.

Australia’s third wave of COVID-19 infections, centred on Sydney, has forced more than half the population of nearly 26 million into lockdown and pushed the world’s 13th-largest economy to the brink of its second recession in as many years. read more

A curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. would take effect from Monday in the 12 worst-affected council areas, covering about 40% of Sydney’s population of 5 million. Anyone caught entering those areas would be fined and required to self-isolate for 14 days.

With a similar curfew already in place in Melbourne, more than a quarter of Australia’s population will be confined to their homes at night from Monday, with the exception of essential workers.

NSW state reported 644 new infections on Friday, most of them in Sydney. Daily cases across NSW have topped 400 for the past seven days despite eight weeks of lockdown in Sydney, Australia’s biggest city.


We elected a stupid fool