Culture wear

It happens that next week,in my work place we are supposed to wear clothing that reflect our different cultures.I personally have none of those in my wardrobe and being one of those who are championing the campaign where can I get at least two tops/shirts for hoodwinking guys with.A lead to a good shop,stall will be highly appreciated.
I am a Greek , the shinny eyes species

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Bomas of kenya. They have good cow hides


Hahahaha nice one…I went to Bomas of Kenya mid 90s i think when I was in class 4.May I need to pay them a visit soon

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On the same topic, wapi naweza pata hii scarf?

Hata DTB wamekua na hio culture wear this is week I think,

as a greek vaa jeans ya Savco, leather jacket, God-father hat na a checked shirt


Saw some at the show ground yesterday. You can also check maasai Market.

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Hehehehe. Umeanza bhangi mapema sana :D:D:D

@culture saidia talker na nguo

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go to any maasai market. there is always a guy selling them along with shirts and stuff. Last week i saw one was at the maasai market at capital centre. They hold it on wednesdays

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Nimeona culture-wear nikajijazia ni topic ya ma kata-kundu na mangotha zile za @culture .

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kazi rahisi, you dont even need to invest in tops/shirts, just walk in with a goat skin around your loins and tell them you have decided to go straight back to your roots :D:D:D

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I have been asking myself the same,are these vitenges and some funny looking tops reflecting our cultures.

no they are not, a loin cloth and , a three legged stool, a walking stick and kimee filled with snuff and you are back to your roots

@Meria Mata can tell you where to get them, and make sure the three legged stool and the loin cloth are aged to give the impression that they have seen some better days

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@Deorro umesahau cowboy boots which will complete the look

Yani job yenu inakuanga na funkies? Sasa ni kukatia madem wa hizo department zingine then wakienda muanze kuandikiana letter na dedication za nyimbo.

Man, siuliangukia hio job.

Is it the one doing the trick to them gals ama?