Culture Shock

He has had the opposition leader jailed for two months now

True. Anyone know whether they’ve colonized South Africa too? Or even Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia… Algeria?

Wamefurika Angola pia.

Ya Angola ni ile mbaya sana kuliko much of Africa. Na Zimbabwe pia.

Culture shock hupata msee the first time/encounter ukishatouch down new country…

Rwanda manze hakuna kutupa takataka ovyo…jaribu raia ndio inakupeleka police station…Rwanda pia hakuna kula ukitembea.Tuna culture mbaya hapa Kenya
South Africa nayo Aweh ni salamu…robot ni traffic lights eish…was here for 3 weeks(Kenya tuko mbali, but tutafika tu

Uganda manze kizungu huwa kombo kombo tu…watu huko ni sebo kila saa, swa pia huwachenga…halafu nyumba most ni matofari na hao mamanzi iyo vibe haileti shangwe
TZ nao na kiswahili joh

Kansaas, a good chill place for a family set up. Never liked the matofari/ brick houses though.The place is dull an weary, numbing during the dry season

Marina bay sands is where I got go for honeymoon or alternatively got take my come we stay some day

Have you been to Gabon?

Nope, the only African countries have been to ni rwanda,ug,tz na sa

The Chinese are doing us a favor. They deliver the project as stipulated in the contract, on time, and at the agreed price. Previously, these projects would go Western and Indian firms. These two groups are experts in overpricing and under-delivering. And they know how to compromise government officials. If we could restrict all road contracts to reputable Chinese firms, our expenditure on roads would reduce drastically and we would be getting more value.


On culture shock, my first shocker was when I arrived in the United Kingdom thinking that all my friends would be there to guide me kama home. Did I not make a million phone calls only to later realise they were not going to help??. I was not even looking for money or accomodation, I just wanted some advice on where I could get jobs suitable for a student etc. I finally figured it all out but with help from people I did not know who we remain friends to this day, folk from other Kandrays. The other issue was getting used to the cold/rainy weather throughout the year, pitch darkness at 3 pm in winter and sun on at 8pm in the summer. To me darkness meant it is time to go to bed so I could not understand the basics as in like why were school children walking home in the dark, people were in offices still working??oh and the raging racism.

On Countries that I have loved visiting, let me start off with the wonderful Netherlands beautiful country, wonderful Dutch people followed by Denmark, Sweden, and Switzerland. The standard of cleanliness and quality of life in the Shengen Countries is like no other but you best know how to speak their linguas. I love wider Europe, a reason I voted REMAIN. Brexit has taken us no where.
In Africa, SA leads by a million miles, followed by Rwanda.

As for reverse culture shock, I get that when I arrive in NBO. When I see a man weeing by the roadside I nearly faint. Here it is regarded as a criminal offence. Exposing your genitals!! I also find it hard to accept wagenis dropping by without prior notice, ati ‘tuko hapa area tucome???’ eish… The driving? don’t start me.

is that a typo?

No not a typo. It is dark in the early afternoon during the winter months and also very rainy…and it is also sunny and bright during the summer months kitu saa mbili za usiku.

inakuaje saa mbili ya usiku na ni mchana bado fafanua

Can’t help you…siundee online?

Is whatever we see on TV true?

the best country i would recommend is Japan, I stayed there for close to seven months and had a nice time. the place is safe and clean, has very nice sightseeing sights, the northern part of Japan (Hokkaido) is just the place to be. the downside is cost, Japan happens to be one of the most expensive places to visit in the world. be prepared for no hand shakes, very quite public places, language barrier


I took a screenshot last year, notice what time the sunset is. By 10:30pm, there was still some light in the sky.

Had a similar experience in Egypt where by 4:30am, the sun is up and its very bright.
The drivers in Egypt hoot non-stop and they drive so dangerously, Nairobi is very sane. Crossing the roads was the biggest challenge, in Kenya, you first check right, left then right and cross, in countries that keep right, it’s the opposite. The makangas in Cairo are just like Kenyan ones, you;d think they went to same school.
By the way, Tuktuks are called by the same name in Egypt. Tea = chai, Kenisa= church. Swahili has so many Arabic words.
Finally, toilet paper was a rare commodity only found in international joints. You expected to wash your rear using water.

Holy Cow indeed!

How advanced are they in terms of infrastructure and technology

A friend once told me that while she was in Japan she forgot her phone on a train - twice - and each time she went back she found the phone on the exact seat she left it!

Hio ni kali