Culture Shock

Good morning talkers.

I have never been outside Kenya but if I could choose one country I’d love to visit, I would choose Libya (it is in my bucket list :confused:).

Some of you have travelled widely and have a chance to view Kenya from an outsider’s perspective. Some of you have taken citizenship elsewhere and sworn never to come back.

What are some of the best countries that you have been to? Did you experience any culture shocks?
To those with foreigner friends, what culture shocks do visitors experience in Kenya?

I experienced culture shock in Nyeri when an elderly woman spat and rubbed spittle in my palms after I gave her ksh 1000. Initially, I was naturally disgusted but I appreciated when I learnt of the symbolism.

Huyo Nyanya alikucon, you don’t spit into the palms, an elderly person spits into their chest to bless you. c.c guka @FieldMarshal CouchP


in Rwanda those guys share beer, yaani Primus moja wanakunywa watu around 2 or 3, meanwhile Colombo na mabeste wako na Primus ama Mitsingi mbili mbili, NOTE Beer is between 750ml to 1lt, kweli si ni Extravagant na wabinafsi

Kama beer moja they share watu 3,si mzinga watakunywa a whole village!

That is one huge beer


izi beer kubwa nimewai ona ethiopia pia unakunya beer na haiishi wakenya wanabuy crate za beer but ethiopian anabuy atmost tatu wanaona sisi ni masos mbaya.

Wakenya huchafua meza ndivyo anchii wajipe. Ukienda bar Ethiopia uitishe chupa moja hakuna anchii hutaka story zako, labda borana wale wachafu

The Luba of Zambia. Those guys think their words through properly before uttering anything. So some guy will be there with their finger on their chin, thinking, and muttering to himself some very interesting word - The first time we experienced this, we all burst out laughing, because the word means something else. Booo, or mbooo. We soon got accustomed to the wazees muttering under their breath, “mboo” before giving you any conclusive answers to anything.
Zambia is cool.

Hujaona culture shock kama hujawai enda Nyanza upate wazee wazima wakioga kwa mto. Hapo juu ni wasichana rika ya watoto wao. Chini kidogo ni wanyanye age ya mama zao.

Hahahaa, ulioga?

Do they have rappers

Neffa effa. Sigwes.

Where are those Luba from?Am currently in Zambia,Lusaka

northern mostly along the borders with drc and angola.

Zambia is indeed cool, but the influx of the China man is blighting that. Hawa wachinku ndio scramble of Africa II.

And the current prezo, Lungu does not make it any better.

Nimeishi na wana DRC yani hao wasee huamini in living large today not tomorrow plus wao hua loud.Bash hua ya showing off latest purchase and latest fashion ame buy kutoka kina France, doesnt matter kama amenunua on credit. Nilifika bash beste dance floor nikaona bado suit ina tag nikamshow oye ulisahao kutoa price tag akasema zii hio ndio style kwao.

Sure…today seen them here doing literally every project…even trying out their new products in their system