Cultural hegemony not corruption is what ails us.

So over the last year I have been hearing a lot of people who are not content with the state of the nation. Corruption has been pointed out as the cause of the slowly dying economy and the suffering of wanjiku. I strongly disagree with this assumption and this is why. Corruption is just a symptom of the real disease that ails Kenya and tackling it will be what ensures our survival. My diagnosis is that cultural hegemony is what has ailed us since the dawn of independence.
From wikipedia: The Marxist theory of cultural hegemony, associated particularly with Antonio Gramsci, is the idea that the ruling class can manipulate the value system and mores of a society, so that their view becomes the world view.


I am sure that if you stepped into a classroom for at least eight years, you were preached at about how important education is. That it was the pillar of any society. If you went further and asked why
you would be told that knowledge is power or some other type of cliche. But you knew that you were there because you would, soon enough, need to fend for yourself. Jobs were what we were being trained for. Not enlightenment, not a better understanding of how to solve our problems, but jobs. We were molded sometimes even broken to ensure that we did not ask questions of the system we were in. We were introduced to hierarchy and order. We were told that authority came from God. That the leaders we elect were meant to look out for our best interests. We were taught the ‘history of Kenya’ and various personalities who risked it all for our independence. We learnt that if stuff goes wrong then it’s the leader who answers for it. The leader is supposed to be smart he/she’ll know what to do.


All of that was bullshit. Propaganda is an effective tool and good propaganda is not judged by its motives but by how well it works. See what we were told is that every person (ant) has a duty (drudgery) and that as long as we perform our duty we need not worry about what the higher ups did. So we agreed to this social contract. I the worker ant will follow all rules afforded to me by the higher ups and in exchange I will be guaranteed safety, food and a chance at ‘happiness’. But real life does not work that way. People are resource hoarders, weak willed, incompetent and no one is exempt and trusting that they will act in your best interest is folly.
The principle-agent problem proves this. We decided to trust what people said and believed that they were good people, one of us. That because the British had left that our own would not steal from us. We thought that the same egalitarian rules before but we didn’t know that new rules applied.

We are now under the power of the elite. We don’t make the rules, we don’t have pieces on the chessboard. The people who control the narrative are the wealthy. They control our money, our media and the most dangerous of all our thinking. We have been told for a long time that the resources of the world are limited that there just isn’t enough. We have been incentivized to be greedy, to look out for number one, fuck you got mine, greed is good. So we fight for resources, pay taxes, get jobs, save, invest and never question. Of course I don’t mean that we don’t question our leaders, we do that a lot. What we never question is the system. We all believe in this system, we want to come out on top, get a chance to play at the big boys/girls table. If anyone fails in this system it’s because they were dumb, lazy, weak willed, uncreative, think inside the box.

The system is what is wrong. A system that has been made popular by the elite. We are materialistic, selfish and worst of all apathetic. As long as the boat is sailing along fine we never ask why we do the things we do the captains (of industry and government) know what they are doing.

Like my title says the corruption we have in our country is because we have a system that incentivizes it and that system is safeguarded by the elite. I don’t mean political or economic system, I mean our reward system. Who we give praise to, what our priorities in life are, who we listen to and who we shun. All this is a reward system that gives more weight to those who are at the top and those who claw their way to the top. That is why corruption will always exist because corruption is incentivized by our reward system. We need to stop respecting people because of how much they have, or which family they come from. We need to take away the control of the system from the elite, change our world view and stop worshiping those who have money.
If you did this then you will see that the leader of the government and the opposition and both elites toying with us and making us play their game. They’re just rich kids who got into a system that give their views more weight than people smarter than them and that is what everyone wants, power, which yields influence.
To end cultural hegemony we have to stop feeding the reward system we have now and choose something else we value.

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I bet most of these autistic people wont read this.
I have always said here that force and chains failed and became too inefficient. A new, almost infallible method emerged. Not to control what people think, but how they think(From what angle do they look at things. What principles do they apply in the analysis of what they observe).
And you my friend have echoed my mind. Most people, especially the educated, have been taught to think that some day they can get up there. It usually ends up in a rat race and endless circles. Odds are stacked against them. The education system(socialization system) is used to implement the system. It is used to standardize people and weaken them.
The elite cadre absorbs the very few who defy the system to the top to keep them from becoming rebellion leaders.
This system is borrowed from Germans specifically from Prussia, modified by the British, and implemented on the wide-scale by Americans, who are now the trendsetters and world leaders.
AMERICAN DREAM ring a bell?

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Is this your work?

Anyway…so long as people remain uninformed. …they will always make uninformed choices?

Yes its OC.